Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th September 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Abhi and Neil trying to find Anand. Abhi notices Anand and runs over to him. He invites him to his home. Anand adds, “I used to preach that one should become a doctor simply out of enthusiasm,” but now I’ve lost everything, including my practise, patients, hospital, and daughter, all because of me. He sobs. Abhi embraces him. Manish embraces Akshu. She claims I remained silent because I had no response. He says you must resolve this yes/no conundrum; you will decide; your heart is speaking to you; just listen to it. Abhi returns Anand home. He says whatever occurred… Mahima tells Abhi not to mention it again, and thanks him for bringing Anand home.

Neil receives a phone call and exclaims, “This can’t be happening, is mum no longer?” When Abhi learns this, he exclaims, “Nothing can happen to you!” Neil hugs him and tells him that nothing happened to mum, that the call came from the hospital, that it was work-related, that mum is fine, and that he should rest. Abhi gives him a look. He adds I don’t understand, everything is falling apart, mum is in a coma, Anand is sick, Mahima is furious, Parth talked to me like that for the first time, and it’s all because of me. Akshu sits on Dadi’s lap and complains that Abhi is upset. Dadi says, Remember, your parents also were separated, and then they realised their life’s biggest mistake, that sometimes time is incorrect and blame falls on relationships, that you should listen to your heart, understand your heart, and do the right thing. Abhi claims that this is happening because I am not understanding; she thought of her family, and I will think of mine.

Dadi advises Akshu. Akshu says I should concentrate on Abhi. Abhi says I should think about my family; love brings people together; this love is driving me away from my relationships; it’s a misunderstanding; I can’t be selfish. Akshu believes I must make the relationship work. Hum bewafa….plays…. They remember everything that happened and picture themselves together. They sob. Akhilesh notices Akshu crying and apologises, “I did something wrong.” According to Akshu, it is too late. He apologises. She embraces him. She says, “I’m thinking I’m a favourite of difficulties, I chose what to do, everything would be good.” Abhi arrives and sees Akshu and his family.

He walks away. A stone strikes the glass, shattering it. They turn to see. Abhi dials a number. Dadi suggests that we join the item before breaking it. Abhi suggests that we break it. Akshu adds that in Japan, they put gold in broken items to make them sparkle; we should do the same; I will not lose and will assist Kairav. She notices her name magnet on the refrigerator. Abhira, she writes. Abhi also writes the same thing on the front of his dusty automobile. Vansh has some papers given to him. Dadi and everyone else are taken aback. Abhi erases the name. The divorce papers are visible to everyone. Akshu appears. Vansh conceals the documents. Vansh is asked to cook Akshu’s special kachori. Sure, why not, he says. She thinks speaking with Neil. Abhi runs into Manjiri. He sobs and asks her to choose one of her fingers. I can’t see you like this, he adds, so I’ll come tomorrow. The man inquires as to your purpose for being here.

Abhi says I came to see my mother. You are not permitted to enter, according to the man. No one, according to Abhi, can stop me from seeing my mother. He cautions the man. He believes I’ll wait for you, Maa. Neil receives a message informing him that Abhi has sent separation papers to Akshu. He answers Akshu’s phone and says, “I’ll call you later.” Abhi returns home. Neil inquires as to how he may send breakup letters to Akshu. Abhi inquires as to how you know. Neil claims that his lawyer asked him, “What are you doing?” Stop, says Abhi. This, according to Neil, cannot happen. I don’t want to explain, replies Abhi. Neil is contacted by Akshu.

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