Ajooni 21st October 2022 episode written update

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Harman informs Ravindra that Ajooni never allowed Rajveer to approach him. Does this imply we won’t have an heir from Rajveer, Ravindra asks? Guruji believes Rajveer’s life is more significant. He says he’ll consult with his maha guru to find a solution, and that you should come there, but don’t let Rajveer and Ajooni become one until then. He walks away. Everyone is concerned. Ravindra dials Rajveer’s number, but he does not answer. Harvinder arrives and claims to have departed with his wife. Ravindra advises calling him back. Bebe claims that if Rajveer and Ajooni marry, Rajveer will die within 24 hours. Harvinder observes and then goes to find Rajveer.

Rajveer and Ajooni arrive at a hotel late at night. Because he cannot communicate in English, Ajooni approaches the receptionist and informs her that the reservation must be made by Mr. and Mrs. Rajveer Bagga. Rajveer beams. They both enter their room, and Rajveer switches off his and her phones. Ajooni takes a glance around and remarks, “This is a wonderful space.” If you don’t like it, Rajveer says we can modify it. I swear it’s good, says Ajooni. Rajveer claims that he had several fantasies about going out with you. We’re on our honeymoon. It was never something I did with my buddies. Ajooni chuckles and says you only go on a honeymoon with your wife. Ajooni suggests that we go to the restaurant for dinner. Rajveer says we can dine here and stay in the room. No, says Ajooni, we’re heading out. I’m going to make a change.

Ravindra attempts to call Rajveer, but his phone is turned off. Bebe is concerned. Harman tells me to do something and find my son. Ravindra advises, “Just quit doing drama,” and I agree. He receives a call from the inspector and requests that he locate his son. .Ravindra says Ajooni never allowed Rajveer closer which was a good sign.  Dolly claims that Ajooni caused numerous troubles for Rajveer. Bebe suggests calling Harvinder. Aman informs Bebe that Guruji spoke highly of Ajooni and that she had saved our lives numerous times. Bebe chastises her and tells her that Rajveer’s life is the most important to her.

Harvinder walks out of the hotel. He finds his car and declares, “I will kill Rajveer, and Ajooni will be held responsible.” He spikes Rajveer’s drink and requests that the waiter serve it to him. He claims Rajveer will die in front of Ajooni, which I shall relish. Rajveer is getting dressed. Ajooni chuckles and says you’re wearing your inner incorrectly. Rajveer claims that my wife is so beautiful that she makes him forget about anything else. I’ll wait outside, adds Ajooni, blushing.

Rajveer and Ajooni arrive at the poolside for dinner. Rajveer extinguishes a candle. All of this from Ajooni? Rajveer claims that this is all for you. A waitress delivers them drinks. He hands Rajveer the poisoned drink. Rajveer requests that the waiter deliver veg dishes. But you like non-veg, says Ajooni. Today, Rajveer says, we’ll eat whatever you want. Rajveer tells Ajooni, “I have something to say to you… I adore you.” Hearing that, Ajooni smiles. Rajveer claims there is an answer, correct? But, says Ajooni, I don’t have to. Love is demonstrated by actions, not just words. Rajveer is irritated and accidentally strikes the drink glass. Harvinder is enraged at the leak. Ajooni takes Rajveer’s hand in hers and says, “You have always supported me, your family is completely different, and they have caused me a lot of problems.” They are not kind to people, and I will attempt to alter your family, but I will need your help. You’re going to stand by me, right? Rajveer will say anything to please you. He points to the sky, and Ajooni notices the words ‘anything for you’ inscribed there. I love you, adds Ajooni with a smile. Rajveer is overjoyed to hear that. Ajooni clings to him fiercely.

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