Ajooni 24th October 2022 episode written update

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Rajveer says Ajooni, “I’m not sure what’s going on; things keep happening as I try to get closer to you.” Ajooni smiles. Rajveer claims, “I had the opportunity to spend time with you tonight; I planned this trip, but it was shattered.” Ajooni says it’s fine because we’re safe and back home. She thought your plan was excellent. Rajveer says we’ll go out soon. Ajooni takes his hand in hers and asks, “Are you with me?” Rajveer responds with a smile, “Always.” Ajooni says all she wants is for us to be together. Rajveer instructs me to.

Harvinder informs Dolly that Rajveer’s life is in risk and that we must take action against Ajooni. We need to get Rajveer in trouble and then blame Ajooni. Dolly asks, “What if Rajveer is hurt?” Harvinder claims he will die if we do not separate them. Okay, says Dolly.

Aman is seated next to Ajooni and Rajveer. She says, “I hope you both stay this way.” Rajveer consumes juice. Aman claims he doesn’t eat without Ajooni. Harman arrives and requests that Aman take Rajveer and feed him. Rajveer and Aman go. Harman approaches Ajooni and inquires about the accident. Ajooni claims a fan was crushing on Rajveer, but I saved him. Harman claims that Guruji told him that if you both become one, Rajveer will die within 24 hours. You must keep your distance from him. What does Ajooni say? It was a mistake. Harman claims Guruji is never incorrect. Ajooni claims that we should not accept his remarks as definitive. Harman says I am begging you to stay away from Rajveer and save his life. If anything happens to him then you won’t be able to forgive yourself.

Rajveer brings Ajooni cake late at night. He gives it to her. Rajveer approaches Ajooni and is about to kiss her, but she remembers Harman’s words and pulls away. Rajveer feels distressed by this.

Rajveer visits Ravindra and the partygoers in the morning. They are assisting with his electoral campaign. Ravindra claims that if I win the election, I will hold a large rally. Mangi says we’ll be ready for anything. Mangi claims that our opponent Chadda is using his son by giving him the election ticket. Harvinder assures her that Chadda will be taken care of. I will not allow anyone to vote for them. Ravindra responds, “Now you’re talking nonsense; they’re searching for an opportunity to show us in a bad light, and you want to beat people up?” Harvinder storms out. Ravindra tells Rajveer, “I have no aspirations for him, but I see talent in you; you won’t let me down, right?” Rajveer claims I will not.

Ajooni arrives at the mandir, but Guruji tells her, “I knew you’d come because you love your husband.” You are a kind person, but you are not Rajveer’s wife. How can you say that, says Ajooni? Guruji yells, “Are you denying my knowledge?” Ajooni claims I’m only inquiring because it’s my right. Guruji says you can’t resist fate; if you get too near to him, he’ll die. Your kundli does not correspond to him at all. If you both become one, he will perish.

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