Ajooni 25th October 2022 episode written update

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Ajooni asks Guruji, “How can you claim I’m terrible for Rajveer?” Maybe it’s all a coincidence. Guruji yells at her to go if she does not respect him. Harvinder draws an arrow. When Aman arrives, he hides it. Aman inquires as to what you were doing. Harvinder yells at her to leave and summons Dolly. Aman departs. Ajooni returns home and believes Guruji is certain that I am not suitable for Rajveer; should I trust my knowledge or his learnings? Harman appears and inquires as to where you were. Rajveer arrives and picks up Ajooni.

Rajveer shows Ajooni the speech and attempts to read it. She assists him and advises him that you must gain people’s trust by telling them what you would do for them. Rajveer applauds and says, “You speak so well, you could give the speech on my behalf.” Ajooni believes that you, not I, must win the elections. Rajveer takes her hand in his and adds, “I got what I wanted.” He smiles as he kisses her on the forehead. When Ravindra arrives, they flee. He hands him a flower and tells him, “I brought it from the mandir.” You will soon become a minister, so act maturely now. He encourages Ajooni to support him but to stop being immature, and then he walks away. Rajveer claims they won’t let us get much closer.

Harvinder takes the arrow and places it near the stairwell. Ravindra arrives and inquires as to what he was up to. Harvinder remains silent. Ravindra claims that you talk big but can’t even help me win the election. Simply leave. Harvinder then departs. Harvinder approaches Dolly and requests that he pour soap water on the stairs so that Rajveer will tumble down. We’ll blame Ajooni, and she’ll have to leave the house as a result.

Ajooni applauds Rajveer once he finishes practising his speech. Rajveer praises her and says she has motivated him to win the elections and serve for the people. Ajooni gives him a friendly smile. They both lock their gaze on each other. Rajveer approaches her and is about to kiss her, when Dolly appears and Ravindra calls you.

Dolly smirks at Harvinder as she pours soap water down the stairs. Ravindra arrives and speaks with the members of the party. Rajveer and Ajooni arrive at the location. Rajveer climbs on the stairs and is about to fall, Harvinder falls as well, and the arrow is ready to strike him, but Rajveer saves him just in time. Everyone is watching. Ravindra inquires as to what is going on. Rajveer examines the arrow and reports that it was recently sharpened. Everyone is perplexed. Rajveer discovers the ancient arrow and claims that it was sharpened by someone.

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