Anandiba Aur Emily 16th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Emily remembering Aarav. She predicts that something bad will occur. Mridula claims that bad things have been happening to you since you arrived in India; I worry seeing you worried; start packing; our tickets are ready. Emily and Anandi are in tears. Anandi is consoled by Aadhya. He says, “I’m shocked to see you hurt Aarav in this way; this isn’t your way; you love him a lot; you shouldn’t put his love to the test.” She claims, “I’m afraid of losing Aarav; I lost my husband, but I can’t lose my relationship with my son this time.” Aarav reflects on Anandi’s words. She claims her mother took everything from her. You haven’t had anything since the morning, according to Jaman.

¬†She says best friend, I got the American soil for you, my Nani lives there, I got this for you, you wanted to step on American soil, you can put this on floor and step on it. Aarav says no, I will apply this to my forehead. FB ends. Aarav says Riddhi, you changed a lot, this suit looks good on you. She says you also changed a lot, I think you left America dreams. She says, “Best friend, I got the American soil for you, my Nani lives there, I got this for you, if you want to step on American soil, put this on the floor and step on it.” No, says Aarav, I’ll put it on my forehead. Facebook is shutting down. Riddhi, you’ve changed a lot, and this suit suits you well, says Aarav. She claims you’ve also changed a lot, and she believes you’ve abandoned your American dreams.

He says, “Forget it.” She inquires, “What happened?” Please don’t ask about it, he says; we’ll talk about it later. She responds, “Fine, I’ll meet you later.” Jaman cracks a joke. Don’t say anything because Aarav says she’s my friend. Aarav receives a call from Bharat. He invites Jaman to join him. Mridula suggests that you give him another chance. Emily claims he found the letter for me. Mridula accuses him of lying. Emily says she loves him, that he realised his mistake, and that he is trying. Mridula claims that you saw his America visa; he doesn’t love you, but he does love his mother and America. Emily claims he loves her. Mridula says fine, agreed, Anandi will not accept you, and Aarav will not leave his mother. Jaman requests that Aarav change his disguise in front of Bharat. Aarav claims I’m no longer afraid. He travels to Bharat. Bharat recalls the mishap. He becomes enraged and declares, “You are the same guy; I will not leave you alive.” Aarav chastises him.

He takes off Bharat’s neck collar and shakes his head wildly. He inquires as to what you intend to do. Bharat says my neck is fine now, and you did an amazing thing. Aarav inquires, “Shall I break your neck?” and “Why did you call me?” Bharat claims you have an American visa. Jaman claims it is no longer useful. Aarav inquires whether I received the visa. Yes, says Bharat. Aarav performs a dance. Jaman inquires as to why you are content. I will tell you, says Aarav. Emily claims that Aarav is not as bad as you think; he will not leave me and does not want to go to America. Aarav and Jaman arrive. He says, “I’m very happy today because my America visa arrived; it was my big dream, and it came true because of you.” Mridula says see the truth has come out.

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