Anandiba Aur Emily 18th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Aarav being concerned. He receives a phone call. Jaman inquires as to your whereabouts. Aarav responds with “home.” Jaman says it’s critical that the door be opened. Aarav pushes open the door. He smiles as he notices Emily’s surprise. Kesariya…plays… Gunjan notices them. Emily took a big risk, according to Jaman, and it will be a big problem if anyone sees you. Aarav inquires if you have forgiven me. Anandi arrives and goes over the papers. She notices Emily. Emily says you proved your love, and you love me so much that I can’t forgive you. Anandi becomes enraged.

She requests that she read the file. She invites Aarav to join her. She says we already talked about it, you agreed, and she hands over the papers to Emily. Emily wonders what this is. Anandi recommends that you read it for yourself. Emily is taken aback. Anandi claims, “My son is my property, it got into the wrong hands, and I’m getting him back now.” Emily sobs. Mridula says a prayer for Emily. Emily claims you’re not treating me and Aarav fairly. Yes, Aarav says, I cheated her and forced her to sign the papers. Anandi claims you are blaming yourself, but I work in ethics and have read the papers. She chastises them. Mridula dials Emily’s number. Anandi answers the phone and scolds Mridula.  She says divorce papers have come between Aarav and Emily, you also read it well, tell me your demands.

She requests Mridula to take Emily home. She scolds her frequently. Mridula asks Emily if she wants to come now or get me even more insulted. Emily says I’ll be there. Anandi requests that she leave. Aarav remembers his promise. Emily is leaving. Anandi claims that Aarav and Emily’s names will be removed. Gunjan and Pinky perform a dance. Gunjan explains her blunder. Riddhi impressed Anandi by saying, “You got busy on the phone.” She claims that I have devised a new strategy that will not fail. Emily returns home and remembers everything. Mridula asks, “Are you happy now?” We’ve been insulted, and Anandi won’t listen to us. Emily sobs and wonders why this happened to her. Mridula embraces her. She claims that your husband, Aarav, is not behind you. Emily claims that she loves him and cannot stay away from him. Mridula says it’s pointless to be upset for him because you will not be cheated again, and I will not allow this to happen. Aarav is depressed. Aaghya pushes him while smiling. Aarav inquires, “What are you doing?” I refuse to play. Aaghya says, “I came to tell you that you became strange, that you lost your anger, that someone is stealing your life, that you are sitting silent, that it is your fault, and Emily is bearing the punishment.” Gulab appears and tells Aaghya that she is correct; you don’t need Anandi’s permission for everything; just follow your heart and do something to get Emily. Both of them explain Aarav. Gulab advises Emily not to sign the divorce papers. Aarav hugs them and expresses gratitude for giving him courage. He claims she is no longer willing to sign the papers. Aaghya says it’s 1 a.m., go talk in the morning, and rest now.

Aarav arrives at Emily’s house in the morning. Mridula taunts him with her claps. She claims Emily wanted to marry in India because she believes in marriage, but you and your mother betrayed her trust by requesting a divorce; get out of here. Emily observes.

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