Anandiba Aur Emily 19th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Aarav paying a visit to Emily’s house and attempting to meet her, but Mridula stops him. She chastises him for causing Emily problems and claims that he and his mother have already caused Emily a lot of pain. She asks him to leave, but he insists on speaking with Emily first. He apologises to Mridula for Anandibaa’s actions, but she remains firm in her decision. Emily arrives at that point and stands up for Aarav. She prevents Mridula from accusing Aarav and states that he is not to blame. She claims that she only failed to prove herself as a daughter-in-law in front of Anandibaa.

Aarav admits that his fault is that he loves both Emily and Anandibaa and cannot choose between them. He expresses his desire for Emily to be his wife and cannot imagine anyone else in her place. He insists on her not signing the divorce papers, but she has a change of heart and says she won’t.

Emily shares her idea with Aarav and Mridula. She claims that they will marry Aarav to a traditional Indian bride so that Anandibaa will understand the significance of Emily. Mridula and Aarav become perplexed, and the latter refuses to marry anyone other than Emily. She stops him and makes it clear that she wants him to stage a fake marriage.

Aarav realises that Emily wants him to marry an Indian woman who will act inappropriately around Anandibaa and make her realise that not all traditional women are nice in other scenes. He smiles, appreciating her plan, but then becomes sceptical and says he won’t do it. Mridula also opposes the plan, despite Emily’s efforts to persuade them. Emily explains that they have no other plans than Aarav’s phoney marriage. Anandibaa, on the other hand, approaches the God’s idol and is mesmerised by Pinky dressed as Gunjan. The latter begins praising her sister while making another error. Gunjan corrects it and then requests that Anandibaa marry Aarav to a girl as soon as possible.

Anandibaa agrees to Gunjan and begins looking for a suitable match for Aarav. Gunjan then tells Pinky about her plan and instructs her to stand in front of God’s idol as soon as she signals. She lies to Anandibaa about the priest’s words, claiming that he asked an unmarried girl to fast for Aarav and then seek God’s blessing. She informs Pinky that she is already fasting and requests that she accept God’s blessings.

Riddhi arrives at that time to meet Anandibaa and announces that she has an important job there. She conceals her work and assures Anandibaa that she will inform him later. She goes to seek blessings from God before Pinky, and both sisters are surprised when their plan backfires. The flower falls on Riddhi, and Anandibaa is impressed, so he chooses Riddhi as Aarav’s bride.

Gunjan also tries to cancel Anandibaa’s selection, but the latter demonstrates her trust in Riddhi. Aarav approaches Jaman for assistance in finding a girl with whom he can stage a marriage. At that time, Emily and Aarav file for divorce in court. They meet Riddhi there, and Aarav is surprised to see her marrying an old man. He calls off her marriage while she requests that he not interfere in her life. While Emily assures Riddhi that she will give her money to help, Jaman has an idea.

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