Anandiba Aur Emily 21st October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Jaman questioning why you are refusing to see her. Mridula questions why true divorce occurs when marriage is faked. Right, he continues, I’ll go to a lawyer and make bogus paperwork. Jaman summons someone and requests that he wipe the floor. She continues, “This is my hotel waiter’s name, Shyam ji Vakil, and now I’m going to a real lawyer to collect the false divorce paperwork.” Pinky is signed by Gunjan. Riddhi enters and takes a seat on the chair. Pinky sobs. Anandi instructs her to go get some water. Pinky agrees to accompany Gunjan. Gulab thinks you cooked wonderful food. Aarav claims Riddhi went to the kitchen and prepared the food. Riddhi is praised by Anandi. Gulab experiences glitches. Riddhi requests water from Aarav. Gulab claims I’m having hiccups. She claims Aarav is ill and should not have hiccups. Anandi remarks, “Wow, you have a lot of knowledge.”

Aarav calls Emily and compliments Riddhi. She becomes envious and chastises him. He claims I’m joking and that it’s enjoyable to torment him. She tells you to do what she says. Anandi arrives and listens to them. Riddhi answers the phone and asks, “Aarav gave you divorce papers to sign, why are you contacting him, the relationship is done, why are you looking for him?” She instructs Aarav to see Anandi. Aarav claims, “I loved you, but I don’t love you now, and I won’t go against my mother.” Riddhi adds that for an Indian boy, mum comes first, that you don’t understand relationships, and that you are selfish. She scolds Emily and hangs up the call. She requests that Aarav not answer Emily’s phone call. She hands over a glass of haldi milk. Anandi smiles and walks away. Riddhi chuckles. Aarav describes it as “wonderful.” Emily is concerned. Jaman asks, “Please explain this to me once.” He says, “Aarav messaged… sorry, Anandi arrived unexpectedly.” He claims Riddhi has mastered it.

Jaman defines Riddhi as a nice girl who has had feelings for Aarav since infancy. I felt jealous of her, but Aarav is close to me. Aarav meets Gulab. Aarav appears distressed. Gulab discovers his deception. He requests that Aarav reveal the truth. Aarav claims that is the plan to reclaim Emily. Gulab inquires as to the plan. Aarav promises to tell you later. Gulab suggests that you simply return Emily; Anandi should not be aware of the plan because she would become enraged. Aarav suggests that you help me if I get stuck. Gulab inquires as to how Riddhi became involved in this accident. Riddhi Mehta, according to Aarav, is my friend. Gulab claims Riddhi liked you, so how did she agree now?

Aarav claims to be my best friend, and she only likes me as a friend. Gulab agrees. He pretends to be Aarav. Gunjan says you met Aarav, that you know Emily will take your place, and that you should go impress Anandi. Riddhi makes Anandi happy by massaging her feet. Gunjan and Pinky are watching. Pinky also makes an appearance to massage the feet. Pinky is asked to leave by Anandi. She claims that your bracelet is causing me pain. Gunjan, she says. Pinky, she insists, isn’t going away. Gunjan invites Pinky to accompany her. Anandi believes that if a nice female enters Aarav’s life, he would find tranquility.

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