Anandiba Aur Emily 22nd October 2022 episode written update

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Anandi asks Gunjan to retain the money since they have to give it to the NGO lady. Riddhi successfully obtains the churan and impresses Anandi. Anandi blesses her and inquires about her father’s health and whether she has spoken with her mother. Gunjan inquires as to how he is. Riddhi claims he requires rest. Anandi expresses concern about Aarav. Riddhi responds, “No, don’t worry, I’ve come, and I’m not going to let anything happen to you.” Anandi agrees, saying, “I’m going to make a decision about Aarav’s remarriage, don’t inform him.” Riddhi asks, “Did you notice any girls?” Anandi smiles and adds, “I’ll tell you everything,” but Emily needs to sign the divorce papers first. Riddhi agrees and orders the churan. Gunjan locks his gaze on Riddhi. Emily signs the documents and asks Aarav to sign them; don’t worry, the papers are false. Aarav inquires, “Fake documents, they seem real, you did well, mum will think we separated and she will be at ease.” She claims that we are always together. They both smile.

Gunjan says you remember everything about Anandi; all I have to do is give Anandi the churan. Riddhi confirms, “You were busy today, so I thought I’d assist you.” Gunjan says, “You help a lot; I need some aid; NGO people are coming; we have to donate the old clothes; we have to unlock that cupboard.” Pinky enters the room and places the money in Riddhi’s purse. Aarav responds, “I don’t know, but I’m not liking this.” Emily says yes, and I feel sorry for Riddhi. He claims that we are powerless to stop this, and that if Mum accepts you, the situation will be solved. Jaman says you must sign the deal with Riddhi. Aarav claims to be our friend, thus we don’t need this. ┬áJaman says yes, but this is for safety.

Anandi instructs Gunjan to obtain the funds. Gunjan understands. Anandi instructs the ladies to count the money, which totals 5 lakhs. The lady claims it’s three lakhs. Gunjan claims that I had kept it in my room until Riddhi arrived, and that you are welcome to inspect it. Riddhi responds, “I got the clothes for the NGO, I’m heading out, what’s the problem?” Gunjan claims that 2 lakhs of rupees had gone missing. Riddhi agrees to accompany Anandi. Gunjan requests that Riddhi check her suitcase once because it contains a large quantity of cash, as well as my and Pinky’s rooms.

Riddhi responds, “OK, OK, check my bag as well.” Gunjan examines his purse. She receives the funds. Riddhi and Anandi are taken aback. Anandi hands over the money to the ladies and requests that they also take the old garments. The ladies depart. Anandi replies, “I was thinking about bringing you into this family and Aarav’s life, but you’ve stolen the money, such a swindler.” Riddhi responds, “No, I didn’t steal it.” Gunjan asks her to tell a good falsehood. Riddhi claims that I am not lying. Gunjan claims she violated your trust; turn her over to the police. Riddhi responds, “No, I did not steal.”

Gunjan says I’ll contact the cops. Anandi tells Gunjan, “Stop, I’m leaving Riddhi because Riddhi’s father is in the hospital.” Gunjan requests that Riddhi depart before Anandi’s mood changes. Pinky explains, “When I found out about Riddhi, I packed her things, and she can leave from here.” Riddhi sobs and walks away.

Aarav comes up to meet Emily. Jaman claims you only met two minutes ago. Aarav claims that two minutes feel like two years to him; he misses her and returns. Emily beams. Aarav claims that when she is shy, she resembles an Indian bahu. Jaman says sure, and the Indian bahu also has an attitude. Emily agrees. Aarav believes that one should not be rude to one’s husband. Jaman inquires about the job. Aarav inquires whether we may borrow some money. Jaman says no, because the loan interest rate is excessive. Aarav says we must pay Riddhi ten lakh rupees. Emily claims to have it. Jaman claims we discussed it with Emily. Aarav inquires as to how I intend to take it from Emily. He claims that he cannot take it away from you.

Mridula tears the cheque. She claims that Aarav is not allowed to collect money from Emily. Jaman claims I discussed the money with Mridula. Aarav advises not telling everyone. Jaman claims that Mridula is willing to give money. Mridula hands over a check and says, “Do not refuse.” Jaman expresses gratitude to her. She informs me that I must return to America today. Emily and Aarav wonder why you didn’t tell us we needed you. Payal enters and says, “I’ve come to rescue Emily.” She approaches Mridula and introduces herself. Jaman says that if Anandi finds out, she will be furious. Payal chastises him. Aarav adds we must keep this from Anandi. Payal replies sure, but please keep my arrival a secret. Pinky is asked to console Gunjan. She pretends to cry. Pinky begs her not to cry. Anandi inquires as to what transpired. Gunjan claims Riddhi cheated you because Anandi is so innocent; it’s a good thing she merely robbed the money because if she had been a murderer and killed Anandi, I would have become an orphan.

No, Anandi says, forget it. Gunjan explains, “I was going to make Aarav wear bangles because I was so thrilled that his life would improve with Riddhi,” but she broke her heart. Anandi thinks it’s a good thing we got to witness her truth. Aaghya enters and adds, “I don’t think Riddhi is a nasty girl who stole.” Anandi inquires, “What are you saying, you didn’t get my permission?” He apologises. Riddhi cannot be a thief, claims Gulab. Anandi states that if I can be cheated, you may be cheated as well; it’s a good thing her truth got out; I’ll find a nice alliance for Aarav; where is Aarav? Gunjan claims he stays outside the house, although Emily is also present. Anandi suggests that you conduct a video call to Aarav. Gunjan dials Aarav’s number. Aarav says it’s mum’s video call; if mum finds out I’m with Emily, she’ll know the truth; what should I do?

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