Anandiba Aur Emily 23rd October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Anandi calling Aarav. He claims I’m at a friend’s place. She motions for him to turn around. She notices Jaman’s picture on the wall. She claims you lied, that you are in Jaman’s house, and that Emily is present. Aarav claims that I did not lie when I stated that I was at my friend’s place; Jaman is my best friend. She inquires if you went to meet Emily. He responds, “Yes, I will remain with her for the rest of my life.” Anandi sobs. He continues, “Don’t worry, the fact is, I came here to get the divorce papers signed, and I also signed, we are no longer husband and wife, I have to come home and plan my future, I want to talk about marriage, and if I can marry Riddhi, then…” Anandi claims to have been caught taking 2 lakhs from our home. He tells her she can’t do it. She claims that we caught her red-handed, that we will find someone else, and that I will get you remarried soon if you only return home.

Anandi wants everyone to select a nice girl for Aarav. Pinky and Gunjan are both smiling. Emily assures her that everything will be alright. Aarav becomes agitated. Riddhi arrives. He accuses her of stealing money. Payal tells him to relax. She approaches Riddhi and introduces herself. Riddhi claims that everyone is blaming her; you believe I committed the theft, and you have searched my home and suitcase. Emily apologises for Aarav’s stress. We believe in you, Jaman says. Aarav apologises, saying that her mother discovered the money in your bag. Riddhi answers, “I don’t know, money was in Gunjan’s room, just us two, no one else there, I don’t want to discuss, why would I steal when you were going to give me money?” Aarav says sure, calm down, and think about where you took the bag. Jaman believes the money was placed by someone. Riddhi confirms, “I went to Gunjan’s room, it was just Gunjan and me there, she stopped me and checked my luggage, she took the money, I don’t want to talk about it.” She takes a pearl off her bracelet and declares that it is not hers. Pinky comes to mind.

She claims she saw this on Pinky’s hand when she was wearing the same bracelet. Payal speculates that Pinky may have retained the money in the bag. Jaman affirms. Aarav says it’s possible, but I’m not leaving Pinky. Emily claims you have no right to accuse her. Jaman suggests that you examine her bracelet to find out. Aarav says she is always willing to marry me; she wanted Riddhi to depart, but I will not abandon her. Gunjan and Pinky perform a dance. Pinky says I’m pleased, but something always goes wrong, and marriage never happens. Gunjan chastises her.Pinky is tasked with finding her a bridal lehenga. Riddhi receives a phone call. She says I need time, Aarav has left, I hope everything works out, and I didn’t forget anything. Payal notices her. She believes Mridula requested me to keep an eye on Riddhi, and that I must spy on her.

Aarav returns home and cries out to Pinky. Gulab claims you are yelling at Pinky in rage; what happened, and did Anandi repair your marriage with Pinky? Aaghya says she’ll speak with Anandi. Aarav says, “Listen to me, I need to speak with Pinky.” Anandi inquires if you have received the divorce papers. Yes, he says. She exclaims, “Wait, did Emily or Mridula keep any demand?” He declines. She responds, “Good, I’ll call pandit ji and perform a puja so that a nice girl comes into your life.” Gulab claims Aarav secured Emily’s signature on these documents, but he won’t be satisfied without her. Anandi claims that because I have travelled the world, I will find a better girl than Emily. She requests that Aaghya keep thepapers. Aaghya says our happiness is in Aarav’s happiness. She says don’t worry, this time, I won’t make a mistake.

Payal sits and converses with Riddhi in order to learn more about her. Riddhi says I’ll call and come because my father is sick. Wait, Payal says, I have a question for you: who were you talking to on the phone? Riddhi says to her mother, “If you think I’m lying, check and call the last dialled number.” Payal says no, but I was just curious. Aarav inquires about Pinky with Gunjan. She inquires as to what is the matter. He says I have to tell you something about the stolen money… Riddhi, she claims, stole it. Pinky had stolen it, he says. She claims she can’t do it. He claims, “I’m convinced she stole this.” Don’t mention this, she replies, since my Pinky can’t steal the money. He says she did this. She questions how you can say this and whether you have any proof. Look at this, he says. He reveals the pearl bracelet and says, “I received this in Riddhi’s bag, this would have fallen in Riddhi’s bag when she held the money,” which astonished me. She explains that if Pinky did this, she will be evicted from the house, and she will go and question her. No, he says, I’ll go to Pinky. She is concerned that if Pinky tells him the truth, even she would be exposed.

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