Anandiba Aur Emily 24th October 2022 episode written update

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Pinky begins the episode by saying, “I have chocolates for you, Aarav ji, and I will get imported chocolates for you when I go to Rajkot with Gunjan.” He believes she is so naive that she could do such a thing. He asks for her hand in marriage. She requests that he ask Gunjan for her hand. He examines her bracelet. Gunjan observes me and believes I am ahead of you. Aarav inquires if your bracelet has broken. Pinky says no, shall I break, do you want to surprise me and get A alphabet for me, A for Aarav? Pinky is asked to accompany her. Pinky wonders why you’re leaving. Gunjan advises him to “simply go.” Pinky departs. Gunjan claims that you did not do the proper thing by doubting her, that she is innocent, and that she is not a thief. He apologises and begs forgiveness. He leaves.

Riddhi takes her phone and leaves. Payal checks her phone after unlocking it. She keeps it hidden until Riddhi arrives. Riddhi says she’ll go because she forgot her phone. Payal says Mridula has prepared a check for you; please accept it. Riddhi says, “I believe you disbelieve me; I don’t want money, and I will assist Aarav and Emily.” Payal says no, I don’t want Emily to get in trouble, and I don’t want her to be taken advantage of; tell me the hospital name so I can send a check. Riddhi suggests writing it on my name. Payal inquires as to why you are required to hand over the cheque to the hospital. Riddhi says there are a lot of expenditures to cover, so please write a check in my name. She goes to take a phone call. Aarav dials Emily’s number. Emily wonders if Pinky framed Riddhi. He declines. She wonders if Riddhi stole it. He tells her she can’t do it. Anandi appears. He hangs up the phone and walks away.

Emily wonders where Aarav has gone. Aarav signs the documents. Anandi beams. She inquires as to why you are offended, stating, “I did not compel you to do this, nor did Emily threaten you.” No, he says, it’s nothing like that. Emily stays on call and waits for him. Gunjan and Pinky converse on the terrace. Gunjan claims your bracelet broke, which is excellent because Aarav informed me and I contacted you. She remembers calling Pinky and asking her to wear the same new bracelet she was wearing. Pinky says we’ve been saved, and I bought the same bracelet from the shop. Emily is taken aback. Gunjan claims that fooling Aarav was simple. Pinky agrees, you are really cunning, you cheated Emily and Riddhi. Gunjan says yeah, I have to make you this house’s choti bahu; we worked hard to get Emily out, but Riddhi was easy to get out. They proceed from there. Emily remembers Gunjan and Pinky duping her. Anandi is serving a pandit. She requests that he check the kundali. He says no, I can’t do this sin, I don’t want to go to jail since Teni is young. No, Anandi responds, I’m referring to my son’s second marriage. He claims that this had to happen because Gunjan is crafty.

Gunjan and Pinky are watching. Anandi claims I’m referring to Aarav, whose marriage has fallen apart. He claims it is impossible since I matched their kundalis and their marriage cannot be broken. She requests that he check the kundalis of the girls and match them with Aarav’s kundali. Okay, he says. Aarav claims that because I forgot to stop the call, the phone hung up. Emily reports that the phone did not ring and that she is present. He claims you did not end the call. She claims it was all for the best, that I learned something. She spills the beans to him. He is taken aback. He says, “I don’t understand,” because we all had a lot of faith in Gunjan. She claims Anandi is opposed to me because of Gunjan. He says I’ll go tell Anandi. No, she replies, come here and we’ll plan everything together. Okay, he replies, I’ll come.

Gunjan becomes enraged. She likes to throw stuff. Pinky grabs it. She asks her not to be angry since anger is harmful to us. Gunjan comments, “Wow, you’re becoming more smart,” but Anandi is becoming silly by matching the kundalis of others. Pinky speculates that it could be due to Aarav’s kundali dosh. Gunjan claims that I have created the correct kundali for you. Pinky claims it’s fake, just like you. Gunjan says, “I know what to do; we’ll see; we’ll combine this kundali with other kundalis.” Payal inquires about Emily’s whereabouts. Emily inquires about the sentence for murder in India. Payal inquires, “Why are you asking this?” Jaman claims it has been 20 years. To break her head, Emily requests. Jaman says seven years. She requests that her leg be broken. He claims two years. Payal questions why you’re saying such things when you don’t do anything like that. Riddhi inquires as to whom you are so enraged. Emily mentions Gunjan and Pinky. Riddhi inquires as to why. Emily claims you have no knowledge of them and that they have framed you. She tells it all. They are taken aback.

Payal claims that even if she is sentenced to 20 years in prison, she will not abandon Gunjan and Pinky. Emily claims that I just stated that. Riddhi claims, “I never imagined Gunjan would scheme and conspire against Emily and me.” Jaman claims that Anandi always compliments Gunjan. Pandit examines the kundalis. Anandi requests an ideal match. Gunjan arrives and hands up the kundalis. Pinky’s kundali is kept by her. She apologises, saying she became dizzy while fasting for your long life. Anandi blesses her and says, “I’m not sure how I’ll acquire such bahu for Aarav.” Aarav appears and says, “Yes, I want someone like Gunjan, then no one can save me.” Anandi inquires.

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