Anandiba Aur Emily 25th October 202 episode written update

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The episode begins with Aarav declaring, “I mean, my enemies will be destroyed.” Yes, Anandi says, Gunjan is quite good. He inquires whether you have any nice girls. She promises to complete your marriage when the kundlis align. He confirms that we cannot see who is in front of us. He leaves. Gunjan claims to be a devastated lover; get him married as soon as possible. Anandi inquires of Pandit what Aarav said. Pandit claims that the kundlis do not match. Gunjan requests that he double-check everything. Aarav approaches Jaman and inquires about the penalty for murder. Jaman tells him and adds, “Everyone has been asking me about Gunjan since they found out about him.”

Emily and Riddhi request that Aarav not become enraged. He claims Emily should have asked me to tell mum the truth. Emily claims it is difficult, and we have no proof. Jaman believes we must catch her red-handed or Anandi will lose trust in you. Emily claims that I have a strong plan. Pandit thinks it’s impossible; I haven’t seen such a great kundli in a long time, and the kundli is matching. Anandi wonders who that girl is. Pinky, he says. She inquires as to who. Gunjan claims that our Pinky’s kundli matched. Anandi wonders how it got here. Pinky claims Gunjan took it. Gunjan believes you kept the kundli. No, says Anandi. Gunjan claims you are stressed because you instructed me to keep Pinky’s kundli in a drawer. Anandi claims that the kundli did not match the last time. Pinky claims Gunjan did it again. Gunjan claims I changed the time in the kundli. Anandi says you understand the importance of timing in kundli. Gunjan answers yes, and I checked the timing by questioning my parents. She chuckles. Aarav is waiting for Emily. She appears and displays the money. She claims that I went to the bank. She explains her strategy.

He thinks it’s a good idea. Emily says we’ll take the money to Aarav’s house and spread the word about it, after which they’ll try to steal it and we’ll film it. He adds, “Enough, I’ll make the film, Gunjan will steal, and their doom is near.” He tells Jaman not to overreact since Gunjan is wise. They notice Gunjan. Aarav inquires about the whereabouts of his mother. She claims to have gone to the market. He requests that she make tea for them. Jaman claims it’s your home, yet you’ve brought thousands of dollars with you. She finds out about the money. ¬†Aarav claims to be hearing this. He asks Jaman how much it is in lakhs. Jaman estimates 50 lakhs. Aarav says I’ll keep it in my room and your father will come and get it in the morning. He requests that Gunjan bring tea to the room. She claims she’ll send it to you if you eat anything. He requests bhajiya. They leave. She claims there are lakhs of rupees in the purse. I can’t believe Gunjan can accomplish this, says Payal. Yes, Emily says, I’m upset.

Payal adds Emily used to idolise Gunjan and that whatever happens is for the best; we don’t have to go through this marriage drama if Gunjan’s truth is revealed since Anandi would accept Emily. Riddhi claims everything is OK and that Aarav and Emily will be reunited soon; I hope this occurs. Emily praises her and gives her a hug. Payal believes Emily is innocent and has faith in Riddhi. Jaman inquires what your reaction to my performance. Aarav agrees. On call, he speaks with Emily. Jaman comes upon Gunjan and Pinky. He requests that Aarav discontinue the call. Gunjan requests that Pinky bring the tea and snacks and look for Aarav’s luggage. Pinky advises against making any mistakes. Don’t worry, says Gunjan. She overhears Jaman and Aarav conversing.

Jaman and Aarav begin to act. Aarav inquires as to their whereabouts, as they have not arrived. Jaman claims they were present. Aarav inquires as to what plan she went to make. Pinky says you brought me here because Aarav is leaving me and I can’t live without him. Gunjan says, “Stop talking now, I’m looking for sleeping medications.” She dissolves the pills in the tea. Pinky says you’re wrong, but I’m not so horrible; I don’t want Aarav to marry me while I’m unconscious. Gunjan claims that they will fall asleep and that we would steal a few lakhs from the bag, and that no one will believe us. Pinky exclaims, “Wow, I thought you were devious, but I was incorrect, you are really clever.” They both laugh. Emily is served tea. Riddhi accepts the gift. Emily claims Aarav gave it to her and it shattered. Riddhi says that when we try, everything joins; Jaman told me that Aarav gave you this gift, so I wanted to join this and give it to you; you won’t need me anymore, thanks. Emily inquires as to why. Riddhi says you trusted me, which is difficult. Payal claims that I don’t trust Riddhi. Pinky orders tea and bhajiyas. Aarav and Jaman consume it. Gunjan believes you will not find another girl like Pinky. Jaman claims I told Aarav the same thing. Pinky agrees with Aarav, and my jodi is great. They savour the tea. Gunjan believes Jaman is Emily’s follower; why is he saying this about Pinky? Aarav says we need to go out for a while and tell Anandi that the money is in the closet. Aarav and Jaman nod off. Pinky and Gunjan are both smiling.

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