Anandiba Aur Emily 26th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Riddhi pleased as she notices the showcase. Payal says, “I think you liked it, but Aarav got it for Emily; I’ll purchase the same showcase for you.” Riddhi responds, “No, I don’t want anything right now.” Payal says she will write the name of the hospital if you tell her. Emily appears and tells Riddhi that she must have forgotten. Payal claims that her check will not be accepted. Riddhi reveals the name of the hospital. She says her father is in the general ward. Pinky predicts that we will become wealthy today. She performs a dance. She requests that Gunjan take the money. Gunjan robs the bank. Pinky claims the notes had powder on them. They can hear Jaman moaning in his sleep. Gunjan says we’ll leave and forget about it. Emily dials Aarav’s number. Aarav awakens and notices the time. He says it’s 8 p.m., and I’ve slept for 6 hours. He wakes up Jaman and tells him it’s 8 p.m. Jaman wonders how this happened when we were on our way out and how we slept. Aarav believes Gunjan and Pinky may have done this; inspect the bag to see whether money is present. They inspect the bag. Jaman claims three bundles have gone missing; I believe they mixed sleeping pills into the drink; I lost the money; how will we prove it now?

Aarav says I’ll call Emily. He calls Emily and says, “Gunjan and Pinky are cunning; they drugged the tea and put us to sleep; they stole the money; I’ll go ask them.” Don’t worry, she continues, I have a backup plan. She recalls putting the irritating powder on her skin. Aarav claims that whoever steals the notes will get itchy, and we will know who the thief is. Payal warns not to underestimate Gunjan; she will steal the money. Aarav estimates that the effect will last 7-8 hours. Facebook is shutting down. The bag is kept by Jaman. Gunjan conceals the money. She claims that Anandi does not inspect this location since it is safe. Pinky confirms, “I’m itching.”

They become itchy. Aarav yells about the robbery. Everyone shows up. Aarav and Jaman narrate the story of the stolen money. Gunjan and Pinky are concerned. I don’t know about the money, says Aarav, but three bundles are missing. When Riddhi is not present, Anandi inquires as to who stole the money. Aarav claims that the thief framed Riddhi. Anandi inquires as to who is capable of doing so. Aarav says, “I just want to inquire who stole the money; there is a means to capture the thief; whoever stole the money is aching right now.” Gunjan and Pinky are concerned. Everyone raises their hands. Anandi claims that no one is itching here, and that you should not have brought money. Aarav claims Jaman wanted to keep the money here. Gulab questions Gunjan and Pinky on why they are standing like this. Gunjan interrupts them by saying rat. She conceals herself. Pinky advises to find another excuse so we can itch. Gunjan claims to have seen a rat.

Anandi claims the money was stolen, and you’re referring to a rat. Gunjan says we have a lot of stuff for you to do. Gunjan and Pinky flee. Anandi instructs Aarav to double-check and not call the cops. Aarav wonders what will happen if we don’t find the money. She claims that means money was stolen, and she wants to know who did it. Aaghya wonders who may have stolen the money. Gulab asks whether you have any doubts about me. No, says Aaghya. Aarav dials Emily’s number. She inquires whether Plan B was successful. Aarav describes them as intelligent; they were itching but kept it under control. Jaman claims they caused the irritation by yelling “rat!” Aarav claims that our plan B failed. Don’t worry, Emily says, we have plan C. Jaman inquires what’s this. Aarav claims Pinky must confess to the crime even though she is innocent. Payal warns Pinky that Gunjan will not leave her alone. Jaman says you separate them while I speak with Pinky. Aarav says you separate them, and I’ll speak with her. Payal instructs them to go see what Gunjan is up to. Pinky suggests that I sit in the refrigerator to relieve itching. Gunjan warns us to cease or we will be apprehended. Pinky says I’m itching on my back as well. Gunjan believes the effect will last a few days. Pinky claims that you don’t listen to us. Gunjan says we’re trapped, so don’t tell them we stole the money. Aarav summons them outside. Gunjan requests that Pinky refrain from itching in front of them. They leave. Anandi inquires, “Did you get the money?” No, says Aarav. She inquires as to who stole the money. Aarav claims that there is a means to apprehend the robber. He displays the chemical. He claims that the itching powder will not come off easily and that we must immerse our hands in this chemical; anyone with itching powder on their hands will have a red colour on their hands. Gunjan claims he is deceiving us. Anandi inquires as to why you are doubting your family.

Aarav claims that Jaman’s father phoned the police, and that we must find the thief. He instructs Jaman to place his hands first. Jaman claims you don’t believe me. No, says Aarav. Jaman raises his hands and declares, “See, it didn’t become red.” He orders Aarav to place his hands on his hips and lies to Anandi. Aarav raises his hands. Anandi is halted by Aaghya. She insists that we take this test together. Everyone joins hands. Gulab inquires if the thief has been apprehended. Aarav believes the thief should be imprisoned. He invites Gunjan and Pinky to join him. Don’t worry, Gunjan says, he’s only scaring us. Pinky is concerned. She says no, I’m not going to put my hands up. Aarav inquires as to why.

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