Anandiba Aur Emily 30th October 2022 episode written update

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Gunjan begins the episode by telling Riddhi, “I’m with you.” The cake was sliced by Aarav and Emily. They have a chance. Aarav expresses his regret to her. I pledge to be with you for seven births, he says, because I never respected your love and always used it for my selfishness. Emily adds, “I also promise.” He says that unlike the previous time we married, you promised me with all of your senses today. She explains that today is our wedding and birthday celebration. He says yes, we will celebrate our wedding anniversary on your birthday, rest and sleep, it’s too late, we’ll meet tomorrow. He smiles and walks away. She smiles.

Riddhi reflects about Gunjan’s comments. Aarav returns home. He wonders what happened, whether Gunjan came here; she is very bright, and if she learns about our plan, it will fail. She claims that no one came because she was expecting you. He believes you should have rested. She inquires if you celebrated your birthday. He answers okay, and I apologise to Emily; we had cut the cake, and I informed her that we will celebrate our wedding anniversary on this date, so why are you looking sad? She says I’m furious because you didn’t get the cake for me and you refer to me as your best friend. He apologises, “I forgot, we’ll start the plan tomorrow,” and tells Mummy that Emily was better than you. Riddhi says no, but she really means yes. He asks her to go to bed.

Anandi and Aaghya return home from the market in the morning. He says you’re relieved to find a suitable bahu for Aarav. She answers yes, but I couldn’t fulfil all of her aspirations; I hope Riddhi is the appropriate person for you; I told Gunjan to teach Riddhi everything. Riddhi does the aarti. Gunjan wonders what she is intending. Anandi beams. Riddhi, what are you doing? You have to do something horrible, Aarav thinks, and maybe she will do it now. Anandi is taken aback. Riddhi requests Anandi’s blessing. Aarav is concerned.

Anandi states, “I perform bahu puja; I see bahu as my daughter; you are also like my daughter now; this is the distinction between Indian and foreign bahu.” Riddhi says I’ll prepare my first rasoi; should I go to the store and get the vegetables? Anandi affirms. Riddhi departs. Aarav enters his room. He calls Riddhi and tells her that she needs to stop impressing her mother. She adds it’s my first day, Anandi won’t mind if I act badly, Gunjan is astute, she’ll be aware of our drama, Gunjan will fill Anandi’s ears, you’re not wrong but longing for love. Just demonstrate Mum you’re a nasty bahu, he urges. Okay, she says.

Jaman dials Riddhi’s number and requests Aarav. She claims he is in the restroom. He informs him that Emily’s visa has expired and she must leave the country; please notify Aarav as soon as possible. She says she will inform him. Gunjan arrives and inquires as to what is the situation. Riddhi informs me that Emily’s visa is about to expire. Gunjan says it’s excellent for us, that they’re manipulating you, that you love Aarav, that you should support me, that my offer is valid, and that you should shake hands with me. Riddhi claims you made a mistake by making this offer to me; you believe I adore Aarav and will become entrapped by your words. Gunjan claims, “I am aware of my contract marriage; Emily assisted me; I wish her well; and I prefer Aarav.” Gunjan instructs her to repeat it clearly. Riddhi says she’d like to work with you. They link their hands. Riddhi says Anandi blessed me, I adore Aarav, Aarav will not like this when he finds out, and he will flee from me. Gunjan adds, “Just do what I say, trust me, and I will make you a place in Aarav’s heart.” They both smile.

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