Anupama 11th October 2022 episode written update

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Toshu accepts Pari’s toy. Anupama advises Toshu to accept it and retain it for inspiration. She gives a long speech about how he is going to fight the Ravan evil within himself and come out victorious, just as they burn Ravan’s effigy every year, and so on. Vanraj claims that they fight and burn a ravan within them every day. Hasmukh believes it is critical for them to strengthen the three Laxman rekhas within them. Toshu takes blessings and leaves. Rakhi claims that there is something else than Dussehra going on now. Anupama describes it as “really wonderful.” Anuj is the first to wish Rakhi a happy birthday, followed by others. Rakhi cuts her birthday cake and offers it to her guests. Kinjal suggests that they make Rakhi’s birthday special. Jignesh’s jokes will be more special if they send Leela on holy pilgrimage. Leela says leg nagin/Rakhi decides. Rakhi says she hadn’t planned anything, but she believes they all deserve a break after all the recent ladies, especially women, and so she wants to take women out. All of the women enthusiastically agree, and the males support them. If ladies go out for a while, men can enjoy Samar humour.

Leela asks who will look after the house if everyone is gone. Jignesh makes another joke about her. Anupama claims that the women had decided to party outside. Anuj suggests that all of the males party at home. Pakhi claims she won’t be able to accompany them because she has a college presentation to finish. Anupama concurs. Pakhi is relieved that she would be able to spend quality time with Adhik. Leela says she will stay if Pakhi does not come. Pakhi claims she needs to finish her project. Leela has stated that she will not destroy her project. Anupama explains to Leela that they can’t restrict Pakhi now since she’s grown up and will rebel, that Pakhi goes to college and so Leela can’t spy on her everywhere, that they should respect freedom, and so on. She convinces Leela to accompany them to the party. Leela agrees.

Anupama then approaches Pakhi and assures her that she is accompanying Leela, but that Pakhi should not abuse her independence. Pakhi is overjoyed. Vanraj approaches Anupama and says he heard what she said and understood what she meant. Anupama claims that they are already losing on Toshu and cannot afford to lose another child. Every man organises a bachelor party. Rakhi advises them not to be too mischievous and claims she keeps all women’s cellphones with her since she doesn’t want guys to bother them. Anuj begs her not to do so since he can’t stay without speaking to Anu.

Pakhi feels better since she believes she can simply manipulate Vanraj and escape out of the house. She invites Adhik to meet her for some quality time. Barkha receives Rakhi’s invitation to join them for an all-women outing. Hasmukh also sends Ankush an invitation to an all-male gathering. Hasmukh’s desire to party at this age irritates Barkha. Ankush claims that Adhik would visit his friends in the United States, allowing her to attend the women’s party while he attends the men’s party. Barkha says she can only enjoy the party if there is a drama going on.

Anuj becomes romantic with Anupama and says that he can’t live without her for a day. She is embarrassed. After some time, the women prepare to leave for the party, promising to return as BFFs. Anuj chuckles and says that ladies are always arguing and fighting. Jignesh makes a joke about Leela. Both parties appreciate a vigorous argument in which they emphasise one other’s flaws. Women board a cab. Hasmukh says it makes him happy to watch four generations of women together. Vanraj once spoils Pari. Leela sings Ambe Maat Ki Jai as the cab departs. Pakhi is overjoyed at the prospect of spending time with Adhik.

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