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Leela is late to join the team during the all-women outing. Anupama hopes Leela isn’t involved in a fight with Barkha. Barkha tells Leela to hurry out of the bathroom because everyone is waiting for them. Leela says she doesn’t know how to use a 5-star hotel tap and that everyone should be taught. Leela, according to Barkha, is wasting everyone’s time because even little Anu knows how to use taps. She calls Ankush on the phone and complains about Rakhi taking over everyone’s phone, sharing a room with Leela, who is making her angry with her hair oil and dirtying the bathroom. Hearing her complaint, Ankush laughs and says that all senior citizens do the same. Barkha says he’ll get a taste of it if he shares a room with GK and Hasmukh, who all look good sitting on a lawn chair. Leela overhears her conversation and states that she applies oil because she gets headaches without it and has not soiled the bathroom, and that she will stay with Anupama if Barkha has any problems.

After Anupama’s warning, Pakhi becomes tensed and asks Adhik to cancel his resort plans. Adhik claims he cancelled a meeting with his friends in the United States in order to spend more quality time with her. Pakhi finally relents and agrees to accompany him. Leela and Barkha have joined the other ladies. Anupama notices Leela’s upet and inquires as to what happened. Leela remains silent because she does not want to ruin anyone’s mood. After cutting vegetables, the gentlemen complain that they don’t have enough energy to cook the food. Jignesh wonders who thought it would be a good idea to cook a full course meal. Anuj extends his hand. Jignesh claims he will not say anything to him because he is his favourite. Ankush claims he is so tired of kneading dough that he lacks the courage to eat.

Vanraj says that it is difficult to cook when one receives pre-cooked food. Ankush inquires as to what he means. Vanraj says whatever he comprehended. Ankush prompts him to be more specific. According to Vanraj, Ankush lost his business in America and came to his brother to take over his well-established business. Ankush claims that Vanraj attempted to cause a schism between Anuj and Malvika in order to take over their business; betrayal runs in Vanraj’s family. Vanraj yells at him for coming to his house and insulting him. Ankush claims that Vanraj comes to his house and creates drama. Vanraj has said enough. Anuj claims he came here on Bapu’s invitation and does not want to see Vanraj’s face. Vanraj requests that he leave. Hasmukh intervenes.

Rakhi takes the ladies to the pool. Leela and Anupama pause. Rakhi expresses her desire for everyone to unwind and enjoy themselves. Leela’s story continues. Dolly talks about being herself for a while and has kitty parties once a month where she is addressed as Dolly rather than Mrs Sanjay, Meenu’s mother, or Hasmukh’s daughter. Kavya says she will not swim in the pool because she is allergic to chlorine. Barkha follows suit, followed by Leela. Anupama gives a speech about elders being jus guardians and persuades her to enter the swimming pool.

Hasmukh scolds Vanraj and Ankush for fighting like children. Hasmukh and Vanraj are still arguing. Hasmukh tells them they must reconcile or else he will post Vanraj’s childhood nude photos in the family group. Vanraj asks not to. Anuj requests that GK post Anuj’s photos in the family group. Anuj also asks not to. Hasmukh insists that they reconcile. They exchange handshakes and embraces. Ladies have a good time at the pool party. Anuj smells food and imagines Anupama eating it. Adhik and Barkha arrive at the resort. He promises to get room keys so they can rest and spend quality time together. Pakhi is ecstatic to hear that. Adhik passes by the swimming pool while holding her hand. They go unnoticed by the ladies. Anupama considers calling Vanraj and asking him to call Pakhi once. Pakhi approaches Vanraj and convinces him that she is at a friend’s house.

Adhik leads Pakhi to her room and tells her they can leave if she feels uncomfortable. She says it’s fine. He places an order for pasta and bread for her. She asks nervously if there will be any problems because they both gave their ID cards at reception. Adhik tells her to relax because they are not underage and that they will be staying in the same room as Mr and Mrs Mehta soon. He grins as she shies. He asks her to change her clothes before they go for a walk and eat pasta. Vanraj informs Anupama that Pakhi is safe and with a friend.

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