Anupama 14th October 2022 episode written update

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Shah ladies enjoy swimming pool party. Anupama notices Leela’s distress and inquires as to what Barkha said. Leela remains silent. Anupama claims she has known Leela for 26 years and has read her face more than a newspaper. Leela says she felt bad when Barkha mocked her for using jasmine oil to oil her hair, which she has done since childhood. She believes that senior citizens should not be taken to resorts and should be left at home to bless children; she couldn’t stand it when Barkha mocked her during a phone call with Ankush.

Men prepare food and comment on the mess they created in the kitchen. GK and Jignesh discuss how difficult cooking is and how women tolerate all the difficulties without any complaint. Leela expresses her concern for Pakhi and discusses how Pakhi easily fools Vanraj in talks. She discusses how girls misuse freedom, but mother and grandmother notice every mistake of them. She says Pakhi’s age would force her to do mistakes, and they shall be careful. Anupama thinks Leela is right. All women enjoy pool party dancing on Aaj Blue Hai Paani Paani.. song. Adhik and Pakhi enjoy a drink in a resort room.

Men prepare food and make jokes about the mess they’ve made in the kitchen. GK and Jignesh talk about how difficult cooking is and how women put up with it all without complaining. Leela expresses her concern for Pakhi and discusses how easily Pakhi fools Vanraj in conversation. She talks about how girls abuse their freedom, but their mother and grandmother notice every mistake they make. She claims that Pakhi’s age will force her to make mistakes, and that they will be cautious. Anupama believes Leela is correct. All the women at the pool party are dancing to the song Aaj Blue Hai Paani Paani.. Adhik and Pakhi relax with a drink in their resort room.

Women finish their meals and discuss how bad it was and how much they criticise women at home and chefs at restaurants. Anuj says he wants someone to sing a song and then begins singing himself. Hasmukh describes himself as a good poet but a terrible singer. Anuj remarks that Vanraj sings better than him and invites him to perform. He sings the song Yeh Shaam Mastani… Women gather in a room to devise a truth or dare game. Anupama leaves the house to call Pakhi. She calls Pakhi on the resort’s land line and inquires as to when she will return home. Pakhi abruptly says she will once she finishes her project and hangs up the phone. Adhik shares pasta with her before realising he left their ID cards at the reception. Pakhi is terrified and wonders what they will do next. Adhik suggests that we collect it on our way back.

Anupama then calls Anuj and inquires as to what he was doing. Anuj claims he was remembering her and that he never feels alone because she or her memories are always with him. She inquires as to what else he did. He claims to have cooked and enjoyed it. She claims she had a better time. He claims that when their loved ones leave, they miss them. Their conversation continues when a staff member hands Adhik and Pakhi’s ID cards to the receptionist. ID cards fall to the ground. Anupama returns to the receptionist and continues her conversation without noticing. Kavya enters and insists on speaking with Vanraj. She snatches the receiver from Anupama’s grasp. Anuj says, “I adore you.” Kavya informs Anupama that it is her. Anuj expresses his regret. Kavya converses with Vanraj, while Anupama and Anuj make fun of them both. Kavya and Anupuma decide not to tell the other ladies about their phone calls and leave without noticing Pakhi and Adhik’s ID cards.

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