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Anupama and her ladies’ team are surprised to see Pakhi and Adhik in a resort lobby. Anupama sends Dolly away with Little Anu. Adhik attempts to speak. Anupama warns him to stop and separates Pakhi and Adhika. She lashes Pakhi with her tongue for lying. Adhik attempts to speak once more. Anupama tells him to be quiet because she is talking to her daughter. She asks Pakhi if she lied in order to stay in the same room as Adhik. Leela sobs and begs her to poison them and kill them before they are humiliated by society, claiming that Pakhi has ruined their parents’ respect, and so on. Kinjal questions Pakhi on why she did this despite Anupama’s warning. Kavya claims she thought Adhik being older to Pakhi was logical, but she was mistaken. Kavya claims that despite knowing that both families’ relationships are highly sensitive, they did not bother. Leela believes Vanraj and Toshu were correct about Adhik, and that if they had trashed him, this situation would not have occurred.

Leela is warned by Kavya to stop abusing her brother. Leela questions whether she will spare Adhik today if her daughter is taken to a room by someone like this. Barkha claims her granddaughter accompanied Adhik on her own and manipulated him. Rakhi believes Barkha is correct, and that Pakhi is not a child to be manipulated. Leela warns her not to interfere in this matter because it is not her daughter’s. Leela’s granddaughter, according to Barkha, has left her father. Adhik, according to Leela, has gone on his sister, and just as Barkha trapped Ankush, Adhik has trapped Pakhi. Barka speaks as if her granddaughter is from a crorepati family and her brother’s only job is to catch Pakhi. Kavya and Kinjal request that they stop fighting. The argument between Leela and Barkha continues.

Pakhi yells at you all enough and tells Anupama that all consenting adults of her age spend time in a room with Adhik, but they don’t understand that. Anupama asks if she understands the meaning of adults or if she learned it in a hotel room; she has no idea about her career and future and calls herself an adult; she relies on her papa for mobile recharge and petty things and calls herself an adult; she hasn’t paid a single bill with her own money until now and calls herself an adult only after spending time in a hotel room. Pakhi yells at her to stop lecturing because everyone does it in foreign countries. Anupama claims that in other countries, children do not rely on their parents at the ages of 20 and 25; they leave home after finishing high school at the age of 16, work, and care for themselves independently; if she wants to set an example, she must first be independent; she cannot prepare food for herself and is completely dependent on her parents, and so on.

Pakhi claims they have made her life a living hell. Anupama claims she has made her own life a living hell and challenges her to leave the house and live independently if she can. Pakhi claims that all seniors know how to criticise and suffocate young people; she is not playing games with Adhik and truly loves him; they, too, were in love and are now criticising her. Anupama claims that their love did not cross any boundaries, unlike Pakhi’s. According to Pakhi, this is what love means in 2022. Leela asks if she has anyone else to love besides this cockroach/Adhik and warns her to avoid cockroaches. Adhik’s hand is held by Pakhi. Adhik claims that they both love each other and wish to marry. Pakhi has stated that she will only marry Adhik. Anupama warns her to accompany her home.

Men become tired after a party. Anuj claims that he is becoming more tired as he ages. GK claims to be a teenager. Every man laughs. Vanraj requests that all men stay back tonight because the lady will arrive only tomorrow. Anuj says he needs to go home because the doctor is supposed to come for his physiotherapy therapy session. Jignesh cracks a joke. Anupama requests that Rakhi book a cab for them. Leela calls Vanraj, but he is too busy joking around to answer the phone. Pakhi becomes agitated and asks Anupama to stop Leela. Anupama wonders why she is afraid now after openly boasting about her love in front of her mother and grandmother. Kavya requests that Anupama stop Leela because Vanraj may fight Ankush and Anuj in a fit of rage. Leela dials a landline. Anupama hangs up the phone, recalling how Vanraj loses control and despises Ankush. Leela relaxes. Barkha drags Adhik away from there.

Anuj moves with Ankush and GK. Vanraj claims that all of his differences with Ankush have been resolved, and he appears to be not all that bad. Hasmukh discusses friendly relationships. Samar apologises to Vanraj for not informing him about Anuj’s loan. Vanraj advises him not to betray Anuj’s trust and becomes concerned when Pakhi does not return and her phone is not reachable. Pakhi tries to defend herself. Anupama claims that her justification will not change the fact that she is wrong; she should have thought about her family before spending time in a hotel with a man. She wonders what would have happened if someone had videotaped her or Adhik himself had done so and shared it on social media. Pakhi, according to Leela, speaks a language of slippers rather than words. Pakhi sobs and hugs Anupama, insisting that she did nothing wrong.

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