Anupama 1st October 2022 episode written update

A scene from Anupama serial

Kinjal pushes Toshu away and warns him not to touch her. Rakhi and others rush in and inquire whether Toshu has caused her any problems. Toshu claims he did nothing wrong. Anupama instructs Little Anu to sing a poem by heart. According to Ganeshji’s account, Anuj asks Anupama, if parents can be a child’s world, why can’t a child be a parent’s world; they should live for themselves as well today. Kinjal dials Anupama’s number. Kinjal is perched on Leela’s swing. Family members are concerned about her well-being. Kinjal wonders how she can be okay with Toshu’s presence. Rakhi chastises Toshu. Toshu requests that he not be scolded repeatedly for the same error. Kinjal claims she stayed at Anupama’s house because she needed some alone time, but Vanraj, Leela, and Toshu repeatedly pressed her to return home and expect her to be normal within a day of being cheated; they expect her to dance with them during festival and behave normally, which is impossible for her so soon; she already informed Toshu that she is returning home as a family’s daughter and not his wife; he abandoned her during pregnancy and is now trying to divorce her.

Anupama walks in and says she warned them not to put any pressure on Kinjal. Kinjal rushes over to him and gives him an impassioned hug. Rakhi is dismayed because a child runs to his or her mother in agony, but her daughter rushes to her waste body husband’s mother; it’s well, though, because Anupama consoles Kinjal. Leela and Vanraj claim they did not put any pressure on Kinjal. Toshu, according to Kavya, must have done something. Toshu claims he was attempting to appease Kinjal, and he has that right. Anupama wonders why he only has rights over everyone and no accountability.

Toshu yells at Anupama not to light another fire in his life. Kinjal warns him to stop his nonsense; she came here not to be a burden on Anupama, not to interfere with her responsibilities to Little Anu and Anuj, not to have Barkha and Ankush tease her, not to have Leela yell at her continually, and not to return to Toshu. Leela believes she should be able to live quietly here. Kinjal wonders why Toshu does not enjoy a quiet life. Toshu claims he was attempting to appease her. Kinjal claims he was attempting to have an intimate relationship with him. Toshu claims that she is acting as if…

Vanraj instructs Kinjal to state her desires clearly. Anupama says the same thing. Kinjal claims she called her to inform her of her decision. She made her own decision without consulting anybody else, and no one should blame Anupama for it. She claims she wants a divorce from Toshu. Everyone is surprised to hear that. Toshu yells. Kinjal cautions him not to yell. Leela curses Anupama for wrecking her and her son’s lives in the manner of a witch. Kinjal tells her to quit attacking Anupama and claims that her house was destroyed by Leela’s son and grandson, not Anupama. Rakhi says she agrees with her decision. Leela yells at Kinjal to stop talking. Kinjal questions why she should shut her tongue; Anupama bore abuse for 25 years and when she spoke, she became bad; she will not wait another 25 years to be dubbed evil and will become bad right now by divorcing Toshu. Toshu begs her not to do so.

Kinjal claims she would not go to Anupama or Rakhi’s houses and will stay here because it is her daughter’s residence, that she will return to work and cover her and her daughter’s expenditures, and that she will repay Shah’s debt gradually. Toshu begs her not to abandon him since he will perish without her and Pari. Kinjal warns him to stop his nonsense; he repeatedly makes mistakes and then apologises; how can she expect a man to take care of her daughter who was a cheater and referred to his unborn child as inauspicious; he couldn’t become a good son, husband, or father, and, as Rakhi stated, he is a waste body who couldn’t even find a job and used it as an excuse for his treachery. Kavya tells her to relax. Kinjal tells me to relax my foot. Toshu believes it is going too far. Kinjal responds, “So what?” She will petition for divorce on the grounds of adultery and betrayal of trust, and she will expose his true face to the public so that he does not ruin the lives of any other girls; she will not only accuse him, but also prove her claims using her mother’s sources.

Leela yells that she will ruin her family’s reputation. Leela believes that until such spouses are hauled into court, other husbands will not learn a lesson. Vanraj thinks it’s fine if she doesn’t want to stay with Toshu, which is why she’s filing a case. Kinjal reminds him of his pledge to help her. Leela claims they had no idea she would ruin their family’s reputation. Kinjal claims that without it, her grandson will not learn a lesson. Vanraj advises her to relax and reconsider her decision. Vanraj has Kavya’s support. Kinjal recalls that Kavya had also called the police at a resort. Leela claims it’s none of her business. Hasmukh warns everyone to be quiet and says that only those who have been harmed have the right to punish; Kinjal will decide Toshu’s punishment; he doesn’t want family issues to come to light, but will back Kinjal’s choice; and they will put an end to this matter right now.

Toshu yells that his family intends to destroy him, but they will get nothing out of it. Anupama warns him not to be ashamed. Toshu claims to have learned shamelessness from her. Kinjal cautions Toshu not to think of her as helpless and thanks him for bringing her back to life. Leela murmurs that they called Kinjal lttiel Anupama, but she destroyed their house more than Anupama. Kinjal informs Anupama that she watched her journey and believes she will gain confidence from her support, and she asks her to accompany her. Anupama promises to always be there for her, even if she doesn’t ask. Kinjal kisses her feet and accepts her blessings. Anupama gives her a heartfelt hug. Kinjal is on fire today.

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