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Leela has a breakdown. Anupama warns her that if she does not calm down, her health will deteriorate again. Leela says she’ll let her health suffer because she wants to marry Pakhi and get rid of her before she disrespects their family any further. Pakhi, in Anupama’s opinion, should not be eliminated. Barkha believes that if Leela had not been ill, she would not have allowed Leela to discuss marriage. Anupama claims Pakhi hasn’t finished her studies yet. Leela claims Pakhi has a degree from the resort and she simply wants to get rid of her. Anuj believes that a boy and a girl should be compatible and that their kundalis/horoscopes should match. Pakhi claims that they had a problem with her and Adhik’s affair before marriage and that she will marry Adhik at any cost. Vanraj warns her to stop her illogical behaviour and orders her not to attend college or leave the house starting today.

Frustrated Pakhi storms into her room and locks the door from the inside, while Kavya tries to soothe her. Pakhi calls Adhik to tell him that Vanraj discovered their plan and barred her from attending college. Adhik claims they are adults with voting rights and the ability to make decisions about their lives. Pakhi agrees and asks how she will meet him now. Kavya is concerned that Pakhi will injure herself. Ankush and Barkha say they’re leaving right now. Vanraj warns them that if they don’t control their boy, they might not like his explanation. Ankush tells him that he must control his daughter or else Vanraj will not like their method of making her understand. Ankush and Barkha walk away.

Anuj recalls a recent men’s party and tells Anupama that he was mistaken in believing that everything is normal now and that their lives will be filled only with happiness, but she need not worry because everything will be fine soon. Anupama sobs, and he consoles her. He shows her tamarind candy and tells her he was missing her the day before and had this candy in memory of her. Anupama expresses gratitude to him. He keeps comforting and cheering her up.

When Samar enters Pakhi’s room and she disconnects the call, Adhik and Pakhi’s conversation continues. Adhik believes someone has arrived. Samar claims he reprimanded her because he does not support her behaviour, but that he is always by her side because her happiness is the most important to her. Pakhi thanks him and expresses her delight at hearing this. Samar inquires if she is certain that this is love and not infatuation, as love is a different feeling; when he met Nandini, he knew she was the one, so if she is certain about Adhik. Pakhi is certain of it, and she, too, used to think first love was a cliche after seeing Toshu, Samar, Anuj, Kinjal, and others, but she now understands what it means. She wonders why she can’t have a love marriage like Anupama, Dolly, and Kinjal.

Anuj returns home and informs Adhik of the terrible situation. Adhik says he truly loves Pakhi and wants to marry her; he wants to prove his love because Anuj understands what first love is; he needs a job in Adhik’s company; his sister and BIL are not supporting him; and he wants Anuj to at least support him. He reveals that they planned to trap Pakhi and use her against Anupama. Anuj becomes enraged and inquires as to who else. Adhik claims to be himself, Barkha, and Ankush. Hearing that, Ankush and Barkha become tense. Samar informs Pakhi that life is unpredictable and that she should be prepared for any situation that may arise following her marriage. He promises her that her brother will always be there for her.

Barkha pulls Adhik aside and asks what nonsense he’s saying in front of Anuj. Adhik informs Anuj that their plan was to use Pakhi when they saw Anuj transferring Kapadia empire’s powers to Anupama because they knew how close Anupama is to Pakhi and wanted to use Pakhi to take over Kapadia empire. He claims he is informing him because he genuinely loves Pakhi, and her love has completely changed him, and he is no longer a part of this plan. Ankush believes Adhik is correct; he is relieved now that Anuj has learned the whole truth. He’s asked to stop by Barkha. Ankush claims he can live a peaceful life now, and that if Barkha causes another problem, he will cut ties with her. Barkha inquires about Adhik’s plan. Adhik claims it was his idea, but Barkha was also involved. He wonders why they can’t live normal lives. Ankush claims that Barkha manipulated him. Barkha claims she did it for them as well as Sara. Ankush says this as if she has no benefit from it. Ankush glares angrily at Barkha.

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