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Kavya makes tea and coffee for the family. Anupama walks in and is impressed to see Kavya taking charge. Kavya claims that both families were overjoyed just a day before an evil eye/nazar landed on them. She claims she wants to take over responsibility for her house because she sees nothing wrong with her family. Anupama expresses confidence in Kavya’s ability to care for the family and asks her to look after Baa for the time being while she speaks with Vanraj. Hasmukh and Jignesh make an attempt to cheer up Leela. Leela is concerned about Pakhi and warns that if the word gets out, their family and Pakhi’s peace will be broken, Pakhi’s life would be a living hell, and no one will marry Pakhi; she scolds Pakhi but also adores her. Kavya walks in and says they are all worried about her and asks her not to add to Vanraj and the rest of the family’s stress. Leela inquires about Vanraj.

Anupama converses with Vanraj. Vanraj is disheartened and says that after witnessing his children’s actions, he realises that he used to bother his parents so much; he feels worthless and considers suicide. Anupama chastises him for his thought and says she now realises Toshu inherited suicidal tendencies from him; he is Vanraj Shah and cannot accept defeat so easily; living with him is the world’s most difficult task; and if she couldn’t stay with him, how will troubles stay with him; he should be confident of himself and get rid of difficulties. Vanraj expresses resentment toward Adhik, Ankush, and Barkha while feeling sorry for himself. He claims that when a girl is born, she brings fate for the mother and happiness for the father, but their daughter brought them humiliation. Anupama believes her daughter is wicked and haughty, but she is unable to disown her. She hopes her daughter reforms herself and claims that they can only give her positive sanskars/morales and not change her mind.

Vanraj is shocked that his daughter spent time with her boyfriend in a confined room. Anupama believes Pakhi is telling the truth this time. Vanraj wonders what may happen in the future; he doesn’t trust Adhik, who could mislead Pakhi. He used Toshu as an example, saying that one must bear both heaven and hell. Anupama tells him to calm down and that Pakhi sincerely loves Adhik. Vanraj believes Pakhi is unhappy with Adhik. Anupama agrees, but they can’t compel Pakhi to talk to them and must do so peacefully. Vanraj believes Pakhi will try to exploit her again; Anupama should speak with Anuj, Ankush, and Barkha and try to send Adhik back to the United States; once they are separated, their fixation with each other will diminish.

After some time, Kavya informs Vanraj, Anupama, Hasmukh, and Jignesh that Kinjal has gone to Rakhi’s residence. Vanraj inquires about Leela. Kavya claims to be sleeping, and Samar is beside her. Vanraj requests that Kavya sleep in Pakhi’s room tonight in order to keep an eye on her and take her phone away. Hasmukh requests that he not be too strict with Pakhi. Vanraj requests that he refrain from interfering because Dolly did not do what Pakhi did and he did not go through his situation. Hasmukh inquires as to whether Pakhi is not his daughter. Vanraj claims he didn’t mean it. Hasmukh believes that Pakhi’s desire to marry Adhik indicates that she recognised something special in him or that he truly loves her. Vanraj says Pakhi doesn’t even know the meaning of marriage, her marriage will not stay strong even for a few months.

Pakhi approaches him and asks him to explain the meaning of marriage; he married twice and if he was too flawless, why did he leave Anupama; nothing can be guaranteed and they can only hope for the best; when she and Adhik are ready for marriage, why is there a problem? Leela appears and adds that she, too, believes that when a guy and a girl are ready for marriage, they should marry. Anuj walks in and says he is dating Leela. Vanraj invites Pakhi inside. Pakhi questions why she should come in when it is about her marriage, and what problem he has because Leela and Anuja are fine with the marriage. Vanraj claims to be her father, not Anuj. Pakhi bursts into her room, shattering a showpiece. Instead, Leela requests that she break a block on their skull. Kavya tells her to relax. Vanraj challenges Anuj to ponder about Adhik and Pakhi’s marriage and speak about it in front of Pakhi.

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