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Anupama informs the Shah family that Anuj must have spoken after much thinking and that they should give him a chance. Anuj apologizes to the Shahs and states that his purpose was not to go against them or provoke Pakhi, and that he was not acting as Pakhi’s father; he simply spoke according to the situation. Vanraj claims it isn’t a matter of right or wrong because he is neither Pakhi’s nor Adhik’s father. Anuj inquires if he is nothing to them. Vanraj claims Anuj is, but Anuj is unable to decide what is best for his daughter. Anupama claims Anuj is simply stating his position. Anuj expresses concern for both Adhik and Pakhi. Vanraj warns him not to bring up the subject of Adhik in this house. Hasmukh claims Vanraj is Pakhi’s father, but others are concerned because they are related in some way. Anuj claims that a father can argue with anyone, but he cannot ignore his children and must listen to them; he understands Adhik because he fell in love when Adhik was young and wasn’t ready to listen to everyone; he fears Pakhi and Adhik will take extreme measures out of frustration, so he came here.

He claims to have spoken with Adhik and learned that both Adhik and Pakhi are serious about their relationship and want to marry at any cost; he is not forcing them to get the kids married right away, but rather to take their time and get them married when the time is right; he does not want the kids to be rebellious and go against them. Kavya and Hasmukh agree that Anuj is correct. Anuj believes they should address the problem as friends rather than parents. Pakhi informs Adhik over the phone that they should go ahead with their decision because their parents are opposed. Adhik claims Anuj will persuade her relatives. Pakhi says Vanraj is not agreeing at all. Adhik advises them to proceed with their decision.

Vanraj tells Anupama that after hearing so many viewpoints, he is unable to understand anything; he believes Anuj is correct, but then believes he is correct as well. Anupama suggests that we seek some time from Pakhi and then think of a peaceful solution. Anuj questions Hasmukh about his words. Hasmukh claims he spoke correctly under the circumstances. Samar and Hasmukh then console Leela, telling her not to worry and to get well soon. Kavya informs Anupama and Anuj that they are always ready if a crisis develops in the Shah family, and she wishes for them to forget everything and enjoy their first Diwali with Little Anu. They express gratitude for her attention and depart for home. Anuj adds he’d like to tell her something else, but not just now.

Pakhi writes in her diary that she adores Adhik. While travelling back home, Anuj informs Anupama that Adhik, Ankush, and Barkha planned to use Pakhi to control Anpama. Anupama is taken aback by this and expresses her desire for a sibling bond with Barkha and Ankush, but they are too materialistic. Anuj claims he will only give them one last chance because of Anupama. He also discloses that Adhik embraced his wrongdoing and sought employment for the first time after obtaining his MBA, indicating that he has genuinely moulded himself and requires assistance. Their discussion then shifts to the Diwali festivities.

Vanraj knocks on Pakhi’s door. Pakhi yells, “Leave her alone!” Vanraj enters and says, “They said what they wanted to say, let us finish all this; since it’s a matter of her life, he doesn’t want to rush, and neither should she; he hasn’t accepted or rejected her decision.” Anuj and Anupama have returned home. Anupama says they will celebrate the first Diwali with Little Anu, that she will buy new dinnerware as she does every Diwali, and so on. Vanraj advises Pakhi not to make any drastic decisions and to simply enjoy Diwali, forgetting about everything.

He requests her not to meet Adhik until he and Anupama meet with Adhik’s parents and discuss the situation with them. Pakhi says she will give him as much time as he needs, but she wants it known that she and Adhik love each other and want to marry at whatever cost. Vanraj emerges from her chamber to discover Hasmukh standing nearby. He hugs Hasmukh and wonders why being a girl’s father is so difficult. Hasmukh claims that it is tough to understand and persuade a child, but he should not be concerned since everything will be OK.

Ankush and Adhik irritate Barkha by expressing their intentions to Anuj. Adhik cautions her not to get involved in his relationship with Pakhi. Anuj and Anupama are back. Adhik inquires of Anuj whether he spoke with Vanraj. Ankush claims he received a call, and both Vanraj and Anuj have determined that Adhik and Pakhi will not meet until the problem is resolved. Barkha believes she does not want Pakhi to sit on her like Anupama and would not allow this marriage to take place. Anupama cleans a steel bowl with her, Anuj, and Little Anu’s names etched on it the next morning, thinking she will offer kheer to Little Anu after pooja. Anuj walks in and offers to purchase her gold, but she prefers steel.

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