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Anuj has a romance with Anupama. Anupama is embarrassed. Little Anu enters and greets the danteras. Anuj responds to her happy danteras with a family selfie. Anupama wishes everyone a happy Diwali. Leela takes note of her jewels and tells Hasmukh that she is sharing it to her children since she fears she would not be alive for Diwali next year. Hasmukh wonders why she is saying it. Her family is likewise concerned about her. Leela claims she has been ill several times, but this time she fears she may not survive till next year. Her family attempts to cheer her up. Pakhi requests that she make snacks and sweets for her. Kavya says she wants to learn how to make snacks and desserts and leads her to the kitchen.

The Kapadia family makes Diwali sweets. Anuj informs me that they need to order sweets for the office personnel. Ankush promises he’ll get it. Adhik promises to deliver them. Barkha fumes from a distance, thinking they are all being so phoney and as if nothing happened. Adhik and Ankush are working hard to make Anuj and Anupama happy, but she would not allow Adhik and Pakhi to marry. Anuj claims that silver coins and chocolates will be given to employees. Anupama said they will offer cash rather than silver coins. Ankush believes that forging the country’s gift registration system is beneficial in this case because they create their own gifts. Anupama says its weird to hear, but a person receiving gift can get what he wants and one who is giving doesn’t have to think much. They all discuss what they bought first from their diwali gift money.

Ankush informs Anuj that the accounting file for their new Japanese client is ready and will be sent to Anuj or Anupama to review. Anuj claims he will handle it because international law and orders are involved, and Anupama is incapable of doing so. Hearing it, Anupama becomes dejected and decides to leave instead of purchasing delicious boxes. Anupama felt awful, says Barkha, and Anuj should not have said that. Leela continues to be negative at Shah’s place while making food. Her family cheers her up once more. Anupama brings Little Anu shopping for Diwali. Little Anu purchases a large number of mud lamps before asking Anupama whether they can purchase beautiful foreign items. Anupama highlights the value of Indian-made goods and how it assists underprivileged potters and artists in celebrating Diwali. She goes on to argue that when people fire crackers, they endanger innocent animals and pollute the environment, and that Diwali should be a joyous festival for everyone.

They go back home. Anuj approaches Anupama and apologises for hurting her sentiments. Anupama says whatever he stated is accurate, and she feels horrible for not being able to entirely assist him in his business; he constantly supports her when she falls short, but she is unable to assist him much. Anuj requests her not to say that and claims he uttered inadvertently. Anupama expresses regret that she is not as well educated as him and wishes that her children would not have been humiliated by her, that she could assist him in his business, and so on. Anuj claims she is not well educated, but she excelled in a life exam; he would find crores of individuals, but she is the best. She says he may not, but she needs education though.

After a while, the Kapadias and Shahs do danteras pooja at their respective residences. Vanraj presents Kavya with lovely toe rings after puja. Kavya is overjoyed and adds that while she used to enjoy expensive things, she now only needs her family. Vanraj appreciates her thinking of his family as her own. Leela then gives Kavya a gift and compliments her for showing respect and being a wonderful daughter-in-law. Samar takes their photographs. Anupama receives a college admission form from Anuj.

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