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Anuj gives Anupama a college admission form and tells her he wants her to achieve all of her goals. He claims they can’t miss her first day of college tomorrow because of Diwali festivities. Anupama becomes distraught as she recalls Vanraj, Toshu, and Pakhi ridiculing her for her schooling. Anuj claims it is a three-month short-term financial training because she has a lot of home responsibilities to complete. Anupama inquires if she intends to study at this age. Anuj believes that there is no age for education, and that today is Dhanteras, and that education is the greatest wealth. Anupama exclaims with joy that she would attend college and realise her and her father’s goals. She expresses her gratitude to him for such a priceless gift.

Pakhi and Adhik wish each other a happy Dhanteras over the phone. Pakhi claims her family is normal, but she is certain they want her to marry Adhik. Adhik suggests that they give them some space. Pakhi claims that if they use her schooling as a pretext to postpone the wedding, she will refuse to study and will instead marry Adhik and become his wife. Adhik inquires if she wishes to become a housewife. Pakh claims she prefers Anupama to Barkha. She is overjoyed. Anupama thanks Anuj for his most treasured present by dancing with him to Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahi.

Anuj brings Anupama to his family and informs them that Anupama will begin college the next day. They are all startled to hear it and praise Anupama on her brave decision. Jealous Barkha wonders why she needs it when she is already handling business. Anupama asserts the value of education and delivers a lengthy lecture on the necessity of financial literacy for women. Anuj applauds her. Anupama thanks him for being so encouraging.

Samar notifies Shahs that Anupama has enrolled in Pakhi’s college’s 3-month sort-term financial literacy course. Pakhi is opposed to Anupama attending her college. Leela is also opposed, claiming that Anupama intends to damage her and family dignity by enrolling in college at the age of a grandmother. Kavya recalls how she encouraged Anupama to continue her studies during their resort trip. Leela claims she simply stated that, but Anupama should be aware enough not to take it literally. Hasmukh claims Anupama was unable to continue her education because of him, despite his pledge to let her to do so after marriage. Leela continues to dispute Anupama’s decision with new examples, as Pakhi continues to cry and Hasmukh and others support her.

Anupama informs Anuj that she notified Samar about her admittance and that he informed the rest of the family. Anuj inquires if she previously alerted Shahs of Barkha, Adhik, and Ankush’s bad plans. Anupama says no because Pakhi is also engaged in this matter and Vanraj already despises Adhik, but she would talk to Vanraj after Diwali and let him make a decision. Hearing their chat, Barkha becomes tense. Anupama prepares for college, while Anuj prepares for job. Little Anu brings them tiffin and requests that they finish it entirely; she also gives Anu books and her favourite pencil for her first day of college. Anupama is concerned. Ankush and Adhik send their best wishes, and GK feeds her sweet curd. Barkha conceals her envy and wishes her well. GK wishes Anuj the best of success. Anupama runs out, requesting Anu not to bother GK and others. She is taken aback to discover Anuj waiting for her on a bike dressed as a college student.

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