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Anupama is in her class. Everyone is asked to introduce themselves by the teacher. A newlywed couple introduces themselves and describes how they met at work, fell in love, and married within 6 months, as well as their desire of launching a marketing business after quitting their job. Anupama commends them for having the bravery to leave their well-paying job and consider launching a business. Everyone applauds for them. Another student, Chetain Sangoi, introduces himself, stating that he owns a grocery store, has completed BCom, understands the importance of modernising small businesses to compete with large international corporations, and hopes to keep his father’s business alive by taking various financial courses. Next, everyone applauds for him. Other students introduce themselves as well. Anuj waits outside college for Anupama, hoping her first day goes well.

Adhik is exposed by Barkha at the Shahs. Barkha inquires as to whether she is telling the truth. Kavya is appalled that she thinks of using Pakhi to dominate Anupama. Leela claims that such horrific deeds are not tolerated. Vanraj wonders if she was planning all of this, and what happened to bring her here to expose her own brother. Barkha says she considered using Pakhi for a while, but she didn’t expect Pakhi to be trapped for the rest of her life; she has a kid and doesn’t want this to happen to her. Leela questions if she didn’t consider her daughter when she was attempting to exploit Pakhi. Vanraj inquires as to why she came here instead of alerting Anupama. Barkha claims she has already notified Anupama.

The next student is asked to introduce herself by the teacher. An elderly woman stands, cracks a few jokes, and recounts how she used to help her husband with his business, and how when he died, her daughters requested her to enrol in a financial course to help her understand their firm better. Everyone applauds for her. The teacher then asks Anupama to introduce herself. Anupama is concerned. Barkha claims she informed Anupama of everything. Leela yells at Anupama, like she always does, that she has time to get ready and go to college, but not to tell them the truth. Barkha states that while she is startled by Anupama’s silence, Adhik gave the entire truth to Anuj; she does not trust Adhik because she has known him since childhood and he is not interested in marriage and cannot fall in love with Pakhi after just 1-2 meetings.

Kavya thanks her for alerting them of the reality and states that any decision would be made only after discussing with Anuj and Anupama. Barkha claims to know Adhik’s lifestyle in the United States; he enjoys parties, girlfriends, and upper-class girls, and he cannot love a simple girl like Pakhi. Anupama takes a frightened swig of water and says surri surri surri/sorry. Teacher tells her to take her time and that they need to learn to feel comfortable and that it is acceptable to be uncomfortable; that getting nervous makes them human, and she wants her to introduce herself now. When Adhik can’t be loyal to his sister, how can he be loyal to others, wonders Barkha. Hasmukh claims that she, too, is not devoted to her brother. Barkha claims she is informing them so that they can make an informed decision on Pakhi’s life. Samar claims she is doing this so that she will not be held accountable in the future. Barkha states unequivocally that she cannot accept Adhik’s guarantee and that they should not blame her later.

Hearing Barkha, Pakhi panics and thinks she should be embarrassed of character assassinating her own brother. Barkha claims she was simply expressing the facts. Pakhi Adhik had discussed his past, present, and future plans, among other things. Leela explains that if a thief tells the truth, he will no longer be a thief. Pakhi believes Adhik is trustworthy. Vanraj questions why she is still supporting Adhik after knowing the truth. Whatever they say, Pakhi insists she will marry only Adhik since she knows he has changed and loves only her. Vanraj instructs her to enter and allow him to speak with Anuj and Anupama first.

Anupama introduces herself and states that she and her father wanted her to do well in school, but due to her father’s sudden death, she was unable to continue her studies. She claims that young children take things for granted, but it was a dream for her; she wanted to continue her education after marriage, but she couldn’t remember Leela and Vanraj opposing her. She goes on to explain how her duties grew once her children were born and she was unable to complete her degree. She explains how her children and husband were humiliated because of her education, how she was separated from her husband owing to her fate, and how Anuj Kapadia, her inspiration and dream man, entered her life.

Barkha departs. Leela claims that they wanted to marry Pakhi to Adhik while they were alone in a hotel room, but now that they know the truth, how can they risk Pakhi’s life? Hasmukh tells her to relax. Vanraj wonders why Anuj and Anupama didn’t tell them the truth. Kavya claims she told them to forget about their worries for 3-4 days and concentrate on their first Diwali together. Anupama goes on to say that she had been in a relationship for 26 years and considered him her life, but after meeting Anuj and experiencing his love, she discovered what true love is and how toxic her prior relationship was. She says she now has a small family with a little daughter named Anu, that her husband found out about this course and dropped her off at college, and that she is sure he is waiting for her somewhere out there and praying for her.

Pakhi video phones Adhik and tells him what Barkha did. Hearing it, Adhik panics as well. Pakhi says she wants to meet him and marry him at any cost. Adhik reminds Vanraj that he doesn’t want them to meet for a while. Pakhi becomes adamant. Anupama outlines how a woman should take time away from her responsibilities to pursue her aspirations. A student claims that she is correct that men do not value women’s time. Women themselves don’t value their time, according to Anupama, who advises investing in their education and training because only those things will benefit them in the long term. Everyone applauds for her. While Anupama is in class, Vanraj contacts her.

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