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Anupama’s finance teacher assigns homework before the end of class. Even in her first class, Anupama believes she delivered a 5-page lecture. She observes Vanraj yelling and walks out of class to get permission from the teacher. Vanraj says he wants to discuss something essential with her concerning Pakhi. Anupama says she’ll be in class from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. three times a week and won’t answer the phone. Vanraj wonders why she can’t; aren’t children vital to her? Anupama says they are, but she puts herself first. Toshu and Pakhi’s problems are endless, and she can’t put her personal development on hold for them. Vanraj claims that her daughter requires her assistance. Anupama claims that her daughter is not a milk-drinking child who need constant supervision, and that she can wait for some time if she fights for her marriage, yells at her mother, lies to her family, and spends time with her lover in a hotel room.

Vanraj inquires as to who will care for her daughter. Anupama believes he should because she is going to college and it is her right, which she would not give up. Vanraj yells, “Shut up!” Anupama says he should stop talking; she knows Pakhi must have said something and he would have panicked and called her to come and handle Pakhi; it is Pakhi’s daily drama and it is up to Vanraj how to handle her; she wants to be clear that she will not pick up the phone during college hours and will only call back during free time. She returns to class, recalling Leela and Vanraj ridiculing her and preventing her from continuing her studies.

Vanraj and Leela are disappointed by Anupama’s prompt reluctance to assist them. Leela yells at Anupama, accusing her of raising Pakhi and Toshu incorrectly. She refers to Anuj as a wife’s slave who blindly obeys his wife and attempts to address Anupama. Hasmukh stops her and warns her not to bother Anupama. Leela questions Anupama’s upbringing and holds her responsible for all of the troubles that arise. Hasmukh argues it is not only a mother’s responsibility but also a father’s and grandmother’s responsibility to raise a child, and just as Leela spends an hour in pooja and claims it is her right, Anupama has the right to spend time alone and will call them when she is free. They both resent Hasmukh for always siding with Anupama. Vanraj claims he will take care of Pakhi and will not allow her to marry Adhik.

Anuj stands outside Anupama’s lesson, waiting for her. He notices her hiding when she leaves class and walks by with her classmates. The song Ek Haseen Ladki Se Hogaya Hai Mujhe Pyar is playing in the background. She secretly dumps a love letter on him and goes away. He is overjoyed as he reads his first collegiate love letter. Adhik confronts Barkha for inciting Shahs to turn against him. Barkha claims that Anupama is already a bahu of this house, and she does not want her daughter to be a bahu of this house as well. Adhik asks if she understands how much he adores Pakhi. Barkha claims there is nothing like love, but she is already in pain. Adhik claims to be in pain and feels sorry for himself and Adhik, who has such a crafty wife and sister. Adhik encourages them to stop arguing and challenges Barkha to marry Pakhi at any cost.

Anupama describes how important it is for her to spend quality time with her classmates and teacher. Anuj, hiding behind a tree, reflects light on her and thinks that in the 90s, there was only college and no romance in her life, but in 2022, he will be able to romance freely. He sends her a beautiful poem. She blushes as she reads it. Her classmates and she share tiffin. She opens her tiffin and discovers a heart-shaped roti. They mock her, and she blushes even more. Vanraj becomes concerned when Anupama does not answer the phone. Kavya questions why he is bothering Anupama when she is not answering his call. He yells at her to stop talking. She claims he hasn’t changed at all and reverts to old Vanraj at times of difficulty. Anuj clicks on Anupama’s photo as she is hiding. Anupama keeps in touch with her classmates and forms a WhatsApp group. She believes Anuj gave her numerous gifts, but this one is particularly precious. She walks over to Anuj and thanks him again. He greets her and says it was the most difficult day of his life waiting for her. She claims she knew he’d be waiting for her on the first day of college. Their romantic conversation continues.

Little Anu writes a poem for Anupama at home. GK assists her by heart. Ankush requests that Barkha not resume her drama. Anuj and Anupama are on their way home. Anupama hears Anu deliver a poem. Anuj claims that Little Anu made it especially for her. Anupama applauds. Ankush inquires about her first day at college. She said it is an unexplained experience that she has been yearning for years. She continues to explain. GK requests that Anupama rest while he prepares refreshments for her. While working in the kitchen, Anupama says she will prepare snacks and even check Little Anu’s homework. Barkha wonders why Anupama isn’t concerned about Pakhi if Vanraj hasn’t called her yet. Leela calls Anupama on the phone and tells her to stop wandering and come home right away. Anuj claims to have heard Baa’s voice through the receiver and invites Anupama to pay her a visit. Anupama has stated that she will not. After some time, she tells Anuj that she has him and Little Anu in her family and that she needs to look after them and can’t just follow Shahs. Hasmukh tells her not to worry about Leela because she has gone insane, but she should visit them if possible. Anuj says he knows Anupama will not disregard Hasmukh’s words and asks her to visit Shahs.

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