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Anupama fails to visit Shahs despite Vanraj and Leela’s repeated calls, which makes Leela angry. She claims that even though Anupama is no longer a DIL of the Shah family, she is still a mother who should look after her children. To be honest, Kavya thinks it’s best if Anupama doesn’t come after such a stupid and arrogant girl. Leela orders her to stop assisting Anupama. Samar claims that Diwali is tomorrow, but crackers are going off in their home today. Hasmukh claims that Vanraj and Leela pushed him so hard that he had to call Anupama. Leela keeps yelling at Anupama. Anupama enters the room. Vanraj inquires if she has found time now. Anupama suggests that instead of wasting time, he record his taunts and send them to her. Leela is the next to arrive. Anupama responds appropriately and asks them to get to the point. Vanraj claims that Barkha paid them a visit and revealed Adhik’s truth. Leela wonders why she kept the truth from them.

Anupama claims she never hid anything from her children’s father and simply delayed informing him about the situation because she didn’t want to ruin her younger daughter’s festival because of her older daughter, and why should she ruin her husband and GK’s festival because of Pakhi? Leela wonders if their happiness is more important to her than ours. Anupama claims that Anuj’s happiness is the most important thing in the world to her, and she treats both families equally. Vanraj then questions her calm tone in the face of Adhik’s true intentions and a college drama. Anupama claims that because Adhik revealed everything to Anuj, she and Anuj are equally concerned but would not scream or panic like them. Hasmukh claims that someone who does not understand the meaning of peace will always shout.

Leela yells, “Let the peace go to hell!” She is certain that Anupama and Anuj would not have revealed the truth even after Diwali and would have kept them in the dark, and if they were truly concerned, Anuj would have kicked out Barkha and Adhik from his house and Anupama would not have time passed in college. Anupama warns her to stop taunting her about college because she went there to study and not waste time, and if they start kicking out family members for their mistakes, there will only be Hasmukh, Jignesh, and Samar left at the Shah house. She believes Leela, Vanraj, and Pakhi made the most mistakes and should be kicked out of the house first. Vanraj requests that she stop her enticing responses and that they discuss what they should do next. Anupama advises them to remain calm. Hasmukh claims that the only way to find a solution is to remain calm.

Vanraj asks Anupama how she would feel if she found out the boy her daughter chose is a phoney and wicked man, and his sister who bought him up exposed him; he worried after hearing this and didn’t want to bother Anupama while she was in college, so he decided to send Pakhi out of state for studies. Anupama asks him to be calm for two days before deciding on a next line of action. Pakhi overhears their discussion. Anuj, on the other hand, confronts Barkha for ruining Adhik’s reputation in front of the Shahs.

Barkha claims she knows Adhik well and refuses to accept his guarantee. Adhik inquires as to how she was approached. Barkha believes Adhik does not actually love Pakhi and instead wants to exploit her. Anupama returns, informing Vanraj that he wishes to transfer Pakhi out of state for higher studies. Adhik panics and pleads with Anuj to do something. Anuj asks him to calm down and concentrate on Diwali for two days, after which they will determine what to do next. Anupama believes that continuing to walk is a necessary aspect of life.

Pakhi creates rangoli the following day. Kavya advises her that Anupama has a lot of duties, therefore Pakhi should quit bothering her for two days and focus on the festival. Pakhi nods in agreement. Anupama creates rangoli in the Kapadia residence. Anuj declares loudly that he adores Anupama. Anupama recalls the previous Diwali, when Vanraj provoked her, and Anuj admits that he loves Anupama. Anuj says a lot has changed since their last Diwali; this is their first Diwali after marriage, but their previous Diwali is more meaningful to him because he professed his love for her then. After 26 years, Anupama says.

Shahs prepare for Diwali and wish each other a Happy Diwali. Leela claims that this is the first Diwali without Toshu. Even without Pari and Kinjal, Kavya says. Let us not leave their delight unfinished, urges Hasmukh. Anuj assists Anupama in drawing rangoli and making a heart. Mausam, Mastana The song “Hai Rangeen Nazara” is playing in the background. They both spend valuable time together. I love you, he says. She says she loves you as well. He expresses gratitude that she said I love you instead of same to you. Anupama claims that it was difficult for them to express “I love you,” but the modern generation moves quickly. Little Anu is the first to wish them a happy Diwali, followed by others. Anuj inquires about Adhik. Ankush claims to have left. Anupama becomes worried. Anuj tells Anupama not to worry because he spoke with Hasmukh, who informed her that Pakhi is at home.

Anuj and Anupama do Diwali pooja and give out presents to the staff. The staff appreciates it. Anupama gives a lecture about how employees help their firm flourish, and so forth. Anuj tells his employees to go home and celebrate Diwali, and he declares a two-day holiday. Little Anu inquires about Adhik. Anuj claims he went out to meet his friends. Shahs frequently give gifts to neighbourhood watchmen and cleaning crews. Watchmen thanks Hasmukh and claims to be the only ones who provide Diwali shagun in envelopes.

Hasmukh, Vanraj, and Jignesh discuss how they show respect for everyone by distributing shagun money in envelopes. Anuj does Anupama’s pooja and claims that if they believe their daughter, mother, sister, and wife to be Grihalaxmi, why can’t he perform Grihalaxmi’s pooja? They both exchange handcrafted gifts and express gratitude to one another. Samar knocks on Pakhi’s home and invites her to join her family in celebrating Diwali. Pakhi sits quietly as Adhik sobs on a park bench. Anupama detects a problem.

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