Anupama 29th October 2022 episode written update

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Laxmi pooja is performed by the Shahs and Kapadia’s. Vanraj recalls that after pooja, Pakhi used to be the most delighted and used to burn crackers first on Diwali, but she is no longer present. Little Anu walks in with Anuj and Anupama, wishing everyone a happy Diwali and receiving blessings from the elders. She presents them with handmade greeting cards. Ankush comes in next, wishing everyone a happy Diwali. Anupama informs Adhik that he will not be arriving and inquires about Sweety’s whereabouts. Leela claims she hasn’t left her room since the morning.

Vanraj instructs her to go check. Anupama knocks on Pakhi’s door and invites her to join her in celebrating the holiday. When she doesn’t hear Pakhi, she assumes she isn’t in her room and dials her number. Pakhi’s phone isn’t ringing. She is concerned that Pakhi has hurt herself and alerts Shahs that Sweety will not be opening the door. Samar claims he tried to speak to her but she did not respond. Leela is also concerned that Pakhi has done something. Anuj tells her not to be concerned.

After marriage, Pakhi and Adhik go in holding one other’s hands and wearing garlands. The Shahs and Kapadias are stunned. Anu wishes them a happy marriage. Anuj apologises for marrying without informing them, but they didn’t have any other choice. Pakhi claims that when elders do not listen to children, children do not listen to elders. Adhik claims that after Barkha informed the Shahs about him, they were certain they would be split and hence remained united forever. Pakhi claims that they knew the elders were only buying time. Adhik claims they wanted elders to bless them before their wedding, but Pakhi panicked after what occurred yesterday and consented to marry her out of concern for her life. Pakhi claims she is aware of her mother’s 5-page speech, Vanraj’s rage, and family turmoil, which is why she married Adhik; they can do anything they want, but they cannot be separated.

Hasmukh becomes enraged and orders her to stop talking. The title theme from Serial is playing in the background. Vanraj collapses. Kavya is on his side. Leela screams and sobs. Anupama claims she only asked Pakhi for a day, but she couldn’t wait; if not Anupama, she should have considered Vanraj, Leela, Samar, or someone else. Adhik is asked if he blabbered in front of Anuj simply for this, disregarding his sister’s and BIL’s dignity. She informs Pakhi that Pakhi is the most selfish person and cannot give anything, therefore she only requested her for one day for the happiness of her family. She continues to express her dissatisfaction and claims that one learns from the mistakes of others, yet Pakhi makes the same mistakes. Pakhi claims that they would never have allowed her to marry. Anupama requests that she explain the meaning of marriage. Marriage, in Pakhi’s opinion, symbolises the joy and kinship of two individuals.

Anupama claims that marriage involves the entire family; everyone’s aspirations are incomplete because of Pakhi and Adhik; if they had waited a little longer, there would have been happiness everywhere. Pakhi claims that the elders were completely opposed to marriage. Anupama claims she should have persuaded them and demonstrated her worth for both love and family, but she prefers an easy life with everything delivered on a plate. She goes on to say that children want everything right away and are experts at misbehaving with their parents, but they lack patience. She finishes her lengthy speech by asking them to do whatever they want and then leave.

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