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Anuj becomes enraged at Adhik and accuses him of failing them all. He claims that despite what he did, they still gave him a chance and pledged to persuade Vanraj to approve his and Pakhi’s marriage. Adhik claims he did, however… Anuj tells him to stop talking. Kavya’s tongue lashes Pakhi, accusing her of being a jerk, an idiot, and selfish from the start, but demonstrating her shameless behaviour; why didn’t she think about her family before marrying; people evolve in love, but she sunk so low. Samar claims that if she had any conscience, she would not have done this.

Ankush claims that both Pakhi and Adhik lack conscience. Anupama is correct because we live in an instant noodles era, and young people make snap decisions. Anupama claims they were both impatient and couldn’t wait a day. Leela wonders if they could have wedded if they hadn’t been married for a day. Kavya inquires if they had considered what they would do if their families refused to recognise their marriage. Pakhi wonders why they wouldn’t accept it when they had solid video evidence. Kavya wonders where they will remain if their relatives refuse to let them into their homes.

Adhik apologises to Anuj for marrying without informing them and for not waiting for their decision, saying that their love is sincere. Pakhi believes their motives are good. Leela wonders where they would have gone without a refuge, as if they are favouring everyone. Adhik claims that they were concerned that the elders would separate them, therefore they made this decision for their own safety. Hasmukh claims they have a bodyguard for security and do not do this. Samar claims they returned home for selfish reasons rather than for the sake of their families.

Adhik claims that this is not the case. He claims that Anuj is a friend, philosopher, mentor, and father figure, and that he should realise their love; he was terrified, thus he took this drastic move. Pakhi informs Anuj that he, too, loved Anupama and that they should understand one other’s feelings. Adhik states that if someone wanted to steal his love, he would have broken people’s bones, but they just married. Pakhi then approaches Vanraj and argues that everyone makes mistakes, including herself; if he can forgive Toshu and his father, why can’t he forgive her? Vanraj is sitting aimlessly. Pakhi says she loves her family and needs both her love and her family, Vanraj has granted all of her wishes and should grant this one as well, blessing her and Adhik, and so on. Vanraj then departs from there.

Ankush inquires of Adhik what would have happened if he had delayed a day. Anupama claims they are unaware of the terrible ramifications of their poor decision. Vanraj walks into his room, fuming as he recalls Pakhi and Adhik in garland. Leela and others continue to lash Pakhi with their tongues. Hasmukh instructs Kaya to go check on Vanraj. Kavya replies she can’t because Vanraj is now in a separate zone. Anuj has a headache and requests that Anupama get him some pain reliever. Anupama fetches him a pain reliever and even offers Leela medicine. Ankush informs Anupama that he will go home and alert Barkha of the problem. Leela requests that someone check on Vanraj. Anuj suggests that Anupama go check on Vanraj because they are both Pakhi’s parents. Kavya is accompanied by Anupama.

Vanraj panics and packs Pakhi’s belongings into luggage, recalling how Pakhi insisted on his purchasing each item. Anupama and Kavya attempt to soothe him. Vanraj claims that his daughter did not have her doll’s wedding without her father, and that she has now married without her father. He carries Pakhi’s baggage and throws them out the door, shocking everyone. Leela inquires as to why he is producing a play. Vanrfaj claims that one who has become a drama cannot produce a drama. He claims to have heard that a daughter is a Laxmi and God’s gift, but he has since understood that not all daughters are like that, particularly his own. Adhik goes outdoors and stands. Vanraj recalls his affection for Pakhi and explains that as a parent, he would not curse her but would also not bless her; a daughter cannot stay in her maika after marriage; Pakhi’s belongings and husband are outside, and she should leave as well.

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