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Vanraj urges Pakhi to leave the Shah household and start a new life. He claims she will never be a decent daughter, but she will be a fine wife; he believes Adhik is unsuitable for her, but she deserves Adhik; she should spend the rest of her life at her husband’s home. Anupama requests that he refrain from doing so. Leela claims that her daughter’s bidayi was not disrupted. Vanraj believes that a daughter who has already left home does not deserve bidayi. Kavya also asks Vanraj to calm down and not make rash decisions. Mrs Pakhi Adhik Mehta, please leave my house, says Vanraj. Pakhi wanders backwards, recalling her friendship with Anuj. Teri Laad Ki Mai Chodungi Na Tera Haath…… A song is playing in the background. Pakhi, accompanied by Adhik, takes her things and places them in her bag. Anupama sobs. In the background, a sorrowful poem is playing.

Anuj hears Anupama crying and instructs Pakhi and Adhik to leave the items so that they can be picked up later. Pakhi bemoans the fact that her father has kicked her out of the house. Adhik claims that they returned home to family after marriage, expecting them to accept us, but they kicked us out. Anuj wonders if they thought elders would celebrate, and why youngsters never tried to understand their parents; Pakhi has always humiliated her mother and criticised even her right decisions, but now she wants her mother to support her wrong decision; Pakhi and Adhik easily told that they were afraid, as if they believe only they can be afraid and emotional, and not their parents. Adhika and Pakhi beg him to assist them. Anuj makes them sit in a lawn.

Vanraj’s family tries to calm him down. Kavya inquires as to his well-being. Hasmukh then consoles Vannraj. Vanraj sobs and says he wished for a daughter when Toshu and Samar were born; he adored Pakhi and hoped to provide her with the best education possible before marrying her off to a good family, but his daughter failed to complete even the most basic of studies. Hasmukh believes that once children stop pointing the finger at their parents, they should be taught that their good decisions and mistakes are entirely their own.

He says that a connection, like Vanraj and Pakhi’s, is like a permanent line that cannot be erased, and that just as family supported their relationship, Vanraj should embrace Pakhi and Adhik’s marriage. Anuj asks Adhik and Pakhi whether they are happy now that they have messed up their families’ life; Ankush may accept Pakhi and Adhik’s marriage, but Barkha would not. Hasmukh informs Vanraj that he must accept Pakhi. Leela, Kavya, and Samar use examples to persuade Vanraj to accept them. Leela claims she has already warned them to get married before taking any unexpected steps.

Kavya believes Vanraj and Anupama must make a decision now because they are Pakhi’s parents. We can’t leave them alone, says Samar. Anuj enters and says he is not Pakhi or Adhik’s parent, but someone; what if they had gone somewhere else instead of coming home, they should remember their condition when Toshu escaped with Pari, we shouldn’t forgive them but also abandon them, they will repeat their mistake if we don’t hold them accountable. He claims that Anupama and Vanraj are Pakhi’s parents and that they should make a decision after careful consideration. Pakhi sobs and asks Adhik if marrying was a mistake. Adhik answers no, confident that Anuj will assist them. Vanraj claims that they did whatever they wanted, and now he will do whatever he wants; if they do not reverse their decision, neither will he.

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