Anupama 3rd October 2022 episode written update

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Orphanage officers accuse Anuj and Anupama of neglecting their foster daughter Little Anu and demand that she be returned. Anupama and Anuj become tense upon hearing this and claim they received incorrect information because they adore their daughter. Officers inquire as to whether the baby was lost some time ago. Yes, Anuj, but… That’s all the officers say. Vanraj inquires whether youngsters are accidentally lost in the maket or at home. Officers say they received a call from this house from a man who claims Anuj and Anupama Kapadia are neglectful of their foster kid. Vanraj notices Toshu’s haughty expression and thinks he is the perpetrator. Anuj requests that officers speak quietly so that their daughter does not become terrified. Little Anu approaches Anupama and Anuj, hugs them, and begs authorities not to separate her from her parents since she adores them.

Officers become adamant, claiming that they are only doing their jobs and must keep Little Anu with them until the inquiry is completed. Anupama claims she has three grown-up biological children in addition to Litlle Anu and has never faced such allegations, but is being accused for her foster daughter just because some random male complained, and so on. Anuj claims that their daughter was unaware that they were not her biological parents, but they brought it up and scared her.

They both, Rakhi, and the entire Shah family, beg the office not to remove Little Anu from them, and each presents their case. Officer requests that they not be made to feel guilty; it is their responsibility to investigate their complaint and ensure that they both are the best parents and that no one can separate their daughter from them because of misbehaviour. They’re all grateful to the officers. Officers leave the scene. Toshu is gloomy as he realises his scheme has failed. They all lavish attention on Anu.

Anupama notices Toshu’s frown and realises he’s the perpetrator. She sends Little Anu in and aggressively summons Toshu in front of him. She yells at him that if he had tried to separate her from her daughter, he would have stabbed her in the chest. Leela backs Toshu and asks Anupama if she has any evidence. Anupama claims that his face expression is proof. Anuj asks Anupama whether she is certain. She agrees. Anuj slaps Toshu fiercely, yelling how dare he try to separate him from his daughter. Leela wonders if he’s gone insane. Anuj goes on. Toshu claims he did nothing wrong. Vanraj grabs his collar and warns him not to say what he saw with his own eyes. Toshu agrees to summon authorities because he wants Anupama and Anuj to suffer as much as he does. Vanraj urges him to watch what he says.

There is an argument. Toshu becomes adamant that Anupama should suffer the same separation from her daughter that he is. Anuj claims that Toshu is suffering as a result of his adultery; he had spared Toshu believing him as a child, but now he will not. Vanraj claims Toshu betrayed Kinjal and Kinjal made a decision, so why are Anupama and Anuj involved? He chastises Toshu and apologises to Anuj on his behalf. Anuj requests that Anupama call Little Anu and go from here. Anupama cautions Toshu that people reap what they sow and that he may face the repercussions of his transgression.

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