Anupama 4th October 2022 episode written update

A scene from Anupama serial

Anupama and Anuj pamper Little Anu and explain that today is Ashthami of the Navratri celebration and that kanya pooja for tiny girls like her will be done. Little Anu claims that is why Nanu Papa/Hasmukh gave her such a lovely gown. Anupama says she used to look forward to this day as a child, expecting people would invite her to halwa puri and a 1-2 rs present; childhood is truly magical. Ankush agrees with Sara. Anupama claims her three children, Samar, Pakhi, and Toshu… avoid remembering Toshu’s anger for her. She discusses people’s hypocrisy in praising a girl’s birth in another location while being sad when a daughter is born in their own home. Anuj says it’s time for kanya pooja, followed by a visit to Nanu Papa’s house. Little Anu vows not to bother anyone. Anuj requests that Anupama keep Toshu away from Little Anu. Anupama assures him that he should not be concerned.

Anupama receives two visitors. Anupama introduces them to Anuj as Sheela kaki and Chanda mausi, her maika’s neighbours. Ankush believes they came for charity. Anuj greets them. They discuss a garba event in their neighbourhood where the proceeds will benefit a needy girl’s education, and they want Anupama to be the main guest. Anuj admires their innovative thinking and requests that Adhik bring his chequebook and pen. Adhik, Barkha, and Ankush exchange glances. Anuj writes a substantial check.

Women adore him for his gentle nature. Anuj recalls that his mother used to tell him that helping others leads to heaven. Ladies express their gratitude and invite him and his family to the garba function. Barkha believes Anuj is unaware that kindness begins at home and even in drama. She pulls over and distributes gifts to the ladies. She then discusses the Shah family’s crimes on Anupama, claiming that Anupama is too good to not reveal her ex-in-laws’ atrocities, and that they should all expose the Shahs. Ladies agree and leave.

Leela informs her family that tomorrow is a lucky day. If she is going somewhere, Hasmukh makes a joke about it. Leela says tomorrow is Navami and she will invite a family home to discuss Samar’s partnership. Hasmukh wonders what the hurry is. Leela expresses a desire to complete Samar’s wedding as soon as possible. Pakhi claims that there is already an issue at home, and she wonders if Samar’s marriage is required in all of this. Leela yells at her, saying she doesn’t want to ruin her grandson’s happiness by introducing families at the garba pandal.

Vanraj predicts a large crowd for the pandal. If not tomorrow, Leela says she’ll invite them in three days and tell Kinjal not to make any dreams there. Rakhi comes with Kinjal and tongue lashes Leela for attempting to settle her younger grandson’s marriage on the basis of lies when her elder grandson’s marriage is on the verge of divorce. Marriages, according to Leela, do not happen on the basis of truth. Rakhi believes she should emphasise how crafty, cruel, and unfit her eldest grandson is for attempting to divide a mother and her daughter; she is certain that no one would give their daughter in such a home after hearing all of this.

After viewing the state of marriages in this house, Samar comes and declares that he does not want to marry. Vanraj claims he shouldn’t say that because everyone’s fate is bleak. Samar says he is not married, but he has gone through the agony of breakup and has seen people who were madly in love before marriage wanting to kill each other after marriage; there will be many expectations placed on him by the girl after marriage, and he fears he will fail to meet them, as Vanraj and Toshu did; if there are problems between him and the girl, their families will suffer; our family has already gone through a divorce and is going through another, so. Vanraj claims that people do not stop riding boats or marrying because they are afraid of drowning. Hasmukh wonders if he will stop walking on the road if he sees an accident; he should understand that married pleasure is the happiest portion of life, and one understands the worth of a companion in old age.

Rakhi believes Samar is correct because marriage is a plague, especially in this house, and if Anupama can’t take it, how can others? She advises Samar that whether he marries or not is his choice, and that if he does, he should bring his wife to this cage. Mrs Dave, says Vanraj. Rakhi advises him to lower his voice since she is correct. Vanraj claims that their family difficulties are none of her concern; they granted her the right to speak in Kinjal’s case but will not allow her to intervene in other matters. Rakhi claims that this family cannot tolerate truth, that her daughter left a wealthy life to go to this house and received betrayal in return, that his family still supports their cheater daughter, and that he should ensure that his wife does not suffer a Kinjal-like predicament. Kinjal advises Samar that she will not give him long marriage counsel, but rather that if he wants to marry, he should become like Anuj, who is loving, compassionate, and trustful; trust is the most crucial aspect of marriage, and once it is gone, so is the relationship. Leela yells at her grandson not to brainwash him and instructs Samar to meet a girl once and only if he likes her would they pursue the subject further, otherwise no. Kavyas back her and says let us start kanya pooja.

Leela says anyone can attend a public pandal. Anupama says there is no time to discuss all this. Toshu thinks nobody is respecting his feelings and stopping him from meeting his daughter, he will visit pandal for sure. Leela claims that everyone is welcome to attend a public pandal. Anupama claims that there isn’t time to go over all of this. Toshu believes that no one is honouring his feelings and preventing him from meeting his daughter; he will undoubtedly visit Pandal.

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