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Leela does Kanya puja and gives Pari honey. Little Anu inquires as to why she fed honey to the baby. Leela explains that Pari is unable to eat. Kinjal, Kavya, and Anupama agree that Pari and Little Anu are stunning. Meenu approaches her after puja and requests a gift. Leela gives gifts to all of the children. Little Anu wonders why there is so little money. Leela asks her to take it from her papa, who has a lot of money, in her usual harsh tone. Hasmukh clarifies that she is referring to Nanu Papa and requests that she take whatever money he has in his pocket. Leela believes Meenu should be compensated and treated similarly in this regard. Hasmukh ignores her and allows Little Anu to grab money from his pocket. Pakhi takes Pari and pampers her. Toshu is visibly moved by this. Leela says that today’s pooja was incredibly beautifully done, and that they should all get to the garba pandal tomorrow on timere since there are many competitions and rewards this time, such as the best family award. Kavya inquires whether there would be a best jodi and best dancer competition this time. Leela says yes, Pari will be named best child, and Toshu Kinjal will be named best couple.

Vanraj instructs her to consider carefully before speaking. Leela claims they all kept her grandson away from the festivities. Rakhi claims it is because of his actions. Leela inquires as to what he did. Anupama inquires whether she considers his error to be a mistake. Leela wonders if they will execute her grandchild for his error. Kinjal declares that if Toshu attends garba night, she will not attend since she does not want him to appear in front of Pari of Little Anu. Hamukh, Samar, and Rakhi claim they will not attend garba night if Toshu attends. Except for Toshu, Anupama thinks everyone will be there. Toshu resolves to attend the event at whatever cost.

¬†Shahs¬†prepare for garba night the next day. Jignesh has joined them. Leela frowns as she sees Kinjal getting ready and remarks that she appears joyful, restricting her grandson from going garba night. Kavya will not be attending garbha, according to Vanraj, because she has some vital work. Jignesh, as usual, flirts with Rakhi. Everyone is delighted, except for Leela’s grandson, she yells. Vanraj warns her not to discuss anything right now.

Toshu sobs in a park while gazing at Pari’s images, justifying his sins by claiming that everyone is stressing his error but not the reason for it, that they have barred him from attending garba night, that people notice his fury but not his anguish. He blames Anupama for his issues. When the Shahs attend the garba pandal, they are surprised to hear that Anupama and Anuj are honoured guests. Leela and Pakhi are envious and make comments. Pakhi’s mouth is shut by Samar.

Anuj and Anupama, accompanied by GK and Little Anu, enter the venue. Meenu whisks away Little Anu to play with her. Dolly and GK promise to look after them. Anuj is taken with Anupama’s attractiveness and admires her. She is shy and performs modelling postures for him. In the background, a love tune is playing. Anuj adds, “Let us revisit our past memories,” and walks with her hand in his. Someone is hiding, according to Anupama. Toshu, with an ugly look, observes them as they hide. Sheela and Chanda kaki adore Pari and predict that she would win the best child award this year. Sheela asks Kinjal if she and Toshu are still competing in the best pair competition because they look so good together. Vimla claims that she and her daughter will win the prize for best family. Kinjal becomes enraged upon hearing this. Jignesh jokes that there should be an award for the best bachelor as well. Hasmukh believes GK will win. Jignesh claims he is no longer single because he is mentally dating Rakhi. Rakhi frowns as she hears this.

Little Anu is admired by Sheel and Chanda. Leela becomes envious and says that Anuj and Anupama should attend the celebration in their region rather than here. Hasmukh claims that the garba community chooses chief guests rather than the chief guests themselves, hence she should keep her lips shut. As chief guests, Anuj and Anupama are welcomed. Leela tells Anupama that she is now a celebrity. Anupama claims to be the same as before. According to Jignesh, Anupama is Leela’s punching bag for taunting. Hasmukh cautions him not to speak the truth. Anuj claims that becoming chief guest is only an excuse for them to spend more time with their family.

Hasmukh explains the importance of family and being together. Leela makes a frowning expression. Pakhi is waiting for Adhik. Adhik walks in with Ankush and Barkha. Leela yells that they have arrived. Vanraj claims it is a public event. Hasmukh claims they had been specially invited to the occasion. Anuj spoils Pari.
Leela observes Pakhi and Adhik’s movements and advises Vanraj to keep a watch on them. Toshu, who is hidden behind a bush, is envious and believes that everyone else has been invited to the celebration except him.

The show’s host summons Anupama and Adhik to the stage. Leela exclaims that if they were allowed, the locals would build Anuj and Anupama’s temple adjacent to the Radha Krishna temple. The host reveals that Anuj and Anupama have given 10 lakhs towards the education of impoverished girls. Hearing it, Ankush and Barkha become envious. Jignesh cracks a joke at Leela. Leela instructs Samar to go check on Toshu because he may damage himself in his rage. Vanraj Toshu is merely a reflex devoid of action. Leela is still envious of Anuj and Anupama’s compliments. The host selects Leela for the special award and invites her to come on stage to accept the award from the chief guests. Leela frowns even more as she recalls awarding Anupama last year.

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