Anupama 6th October 2022 episode written update

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Leela enters the stage to receive her prize from Anupama and Anuj. GK claims that Anupama received the award from Leela last year, and this year she is giving it to Leela. Anupama and Anuj present Leela with an award and kiss her feet to receive her blessings. Dolly believes that only nice things happen to decent people. Leela is asked by the host to share some words of wisdom. Leela claims she is unable to communicate. Jignesh laughs when he hears that. Leela expresses gratitude to Anupama and Anuj for the prize. Anupama is no longer her DIL, but they are emotionally connected, and Anupama has always assisted them, and they call Anupama anytime they need help; even now, she considers Anupama to be her daughter. Today would be difficult because of Anupama, says Barkha. Sheela and Chanda tell her to quit lying because they are all aware of her atrocities against Anupama. Leela warns them to be quiet or she would reveal their family problems. They advise her to quit being hypocritical, since everyone knows what she and her son did to Anupama, and now her grandson is doing the same to Kinjal.

The camera zooms in on each Shah’s face. Sheela claims that they are aware that Leela’s grandson committed adultery and that Kinjal is divorcing him. Vanraj claims it is a family matter and that no one has the right to meddle. Hasmukh claims that they are not here to fight because they have come to celebrate the event. Chanda and Sheela request that he explain the situation to his daughter. Samar, Pakhi, and Dolly begin verbally harassing the women and remind them that problems exist even in their own homes. Anupama breaks up their fight and requests that they raise their hands in whoever’s house there are no problems. She delivers a lengthy speech about the minor troubles in each family and how they are concealed and resolved. She claims that her and Leela’s problems are her problems, and she knows how to handle them with the help of her loving husband, so they should stop bickering at Devimaa’s pandal and enjoy the festival. Anuj says, “Let’s get this party started.”

Anupama performs a Gujrati dance while carrying pots on Mor Bani Thanghat Kare. Everyone applauds her after her performance. Anuj impersonates a DJ and declares that they will all do something special and that everyone should dance today. He sings Dholida… and everyone does garbha with their partners. Toshu has joined them. Kinjal notices him and attempts to leave furiously, but Toshu stops her and dances with her. Anupama goes to Kinjal’s aid and engages in a dance-off with Toshu. In her stubbornness and rage, she defeats Toshu, drags him aside, and claims to be his mother. Vanraj picks up Toshu from there.

Anupama relaxes and decides not to ruin her mood today. Vanraj lashes Toshu with his tongue for attending a Navratri celebration despite being denied permission and warns him that he is sparing him because he is his son and that if he continues, he would be driven out of the family and will not be able to contact Pari. Toshu yells that he is in pain and that Kinjal and Anupama are preventing him from seeing his daughter. Vanraj threatens him that if he does not admit his error and accept the punishment, he would be expelled out of the house. Toshu believes he will not give up lightly.

Anuj then plays the following garba tune. Everyone dances in pairs. Rakhi detects a presence surrounding Pari’s crib. Vanraj becomes enraged when he sees Pakhi dancing with Adhik. Adhika pulls Pakhi aside and insists on kissing her because he can’t stop himself. She gladly agrees. Vanraj looks for them and instead finds someone else. He then notices them dancing with everyone again. Anupama instructs Rakhi to go dance with everyone and leave Pari in her care. She notices Pari is missing, and she notices a message in her crib.

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