Anupama 7th October 2022 episode written update

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Toshu kidnapped Pari/Arya and left a note for Kinjal, Anupama discovers. She dashes out the door, looking for Toshu. Rakhi informs Shahs about Toshu’s actions. Anupama reads a note from Toshu to Kinjal in which he states that he is taking his daughter because she, influenced by Anupama, kept his daughter away from him; now she will be separated from the baby, as he was, and will never face Pari again. Toshu goes into a shrine to pamper Pari. Vanraj, Samar, and Dolly meet Anupama and inform her that someone took Pari. Anupama says Paritosh and launches into a lengthy monologue criticising Toshu’s wicked deed. Dolly believes Toshu made a mistake by separating a child from her mother. Anupama believes they should find Toshu and Pari because he must not have gone too far. Vanraj believes she is correct.

Anupama searches for Toshu in her car. Vanraj, accompanied by Samar, drives another automobile in pursuit of Samar. Anupama contacts Anuj to tell him that Toshu has taken Pari away. Anuja says he’ll meet her wherever she is right now. Anupama has already left and hopes that Toshu gets found soon. Kavya learns about Toshu’s kidnapping of Pari and inquires of Kinjal. Rakhi replies no, and she hopes Pari is found before Kinjal discovers the truth. Kinjal returns home with Hasmukh, Leela, and Jignesh and inquires about Pari. Rakhi says uncomfortably that she is with a neighbour named Neela. Leela says it’s fine. Neela walks by. Rakhi inquires whether Pari is not present. No, says Neela. Kinjal inquires about Pari’s whereabouts.

Anupama prays God to allow this mother to reach Toshu and return her baby. She comes to a halt near a temple and begs God to help her find Pari. She discovers Pari’s toy and realises that Toshu is around. She asks Samar to meet her there. Kinjal panics after learning of Pari’s kidnapping and believes Toshu would harm her because he has lost his mental balance. Toshu, according to Leela, would never harm Pari. Kinjal confronts Rakhi about her carelessness, asking how she will protect her own daughter as a mother if she can’t protect another mother’s baby. She dials Anupama’s number and sobs. Anupama consoles her with a long lecture about child rearing and not being afraid when the baby falls and injures herself while growing up.

Samar observes Vanraj’s distress and attempts to console him. Vanraj claims that parents believe their children’s mistakes are the result of poor upbringing. Toshu was his pride, but he is now unwilling to face himself in front of Toshu. Kinjal continues to sob, and Rakhi tries to console her. Toshu, according to Kavya, should not have stooped so low. Leela backs Toshu and reminds Kavya that she, too, had contacted the police and caused problems for the Shah family. According to Kavya, this is an old problem.

Rakhi’s tongue lashes Leela, saying that she will go to any length to defend her grandson, and that a blind woman like her will discover everyone’s fault while covering up her son and grandson’s errors. Leela claims that people make mistakes when they are angry. Hasmukh claims her son stole her daughter, putting her life in danger. Jignesh supports Hasmukh. Leela defends Toshu and blames everyone else for forcing Toshu to descend so low. Hasmukh claims she cannot see what her grandson done and that he deserves to be punished for his actions.

Anupama discovers Toshu sitting on a park bench nursing milk to Pari and hides, fearing that Toshu may flee if he sees her, so she must manage the situation wisely. She walks silently from behind. Leela continues to justify Toshu’s behaviour, blaming everyone for forcing him to go so low. Rakhi claims she will put Toshu in jail if he is apprehended. Vanraj arrives at the temple with Samar and summons Anupama. Toshu becomes aware of Anupama standing behind him.

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