Anupama 8th October 2022 episode written update

A scene from Anupama Serial

Toshu chooses Pari/Arya and runs towards Anupama. Anupama follows him, pleading with him to stop. Vanraj and Samar recognise her voice and pursue it. Anupama requests that Toshu restore Pari to her because a newborn cannot survive without her mother. Toshu refuses to return Pari and promises to look after her. Anupama claims that his motive is excellent, but his method is incorrect; he may love Kinjal a lot, but he is hurting her more in the process. Toshu reaches the finish and discovers a picture by Devimaa on the wall. He acts insane and warns Anupama to stay away from her because he would not give her his Pari. Anupama claims Devimaa stopped him and that he owes another mother’s daughter to her. She cautions him that he cannot take a mother’s right away from her, and she insists on giving him the baby. Vanraj and Samar arrive. Anupama advises him to return Pari to her if he is a decent father. Toshu gives Pari back to her. Samar notifies Kavya that Pari and Toshu have been located and sends a message to Anuj.

Kavya informs Shahs that Pari and Toshu have been located, and that Pari is now with Anupama. Kinjal feels grateful to God that Pari is in Anupama’s capable hands. Rakhi is saddened to hear this. Leela hopes Pari and Toshu arrive home without incident. Anuj thanks God as well. Anupama recalls raising Toshu and her other children and claims that her son was not raised in this manner. Toshu accuses her of being the reason for his shift. Vanraj claims he didn’t know he’d made a mistake because he had his pride; how could he fall so low and kidnap his own daughter? Toshu claims he was transporting Pari’s diaper and milk. Vanraj claims that milk would have run out in a day, so how would he have cared for Arya? Anupama inquires if he has any limitations.

Toshu screams that he dislikes Anupama’s mahanta/greatness and Vanraj’s hypocrisy. He claims Vanraj made the same mistake and is enjoying the celebration with his family, but he is mercilessly punished for his error and is separated from his family. He yells, “They’re talking about family!” Vanraj kicked him out of his family, but who gave them the right to take his daughter? Shahs excitedly await their imminent return. Toshu informs Anupama that he would never have handed Pari to her if she had not made the commitment. Anupama inquires as to why he is stooping so low.

Vanraj questions why he is creating problems for his daughter with his wicked actions. Toshu collides with a wall. Vanraj comes to a halt. Toshu yells that Kinjal is making him cry, so he will take her daughter away from her. Samar wonders if he’s gone insane. Toshu exclaims, “I am!” Anupama tells him to go home and apologise to everyone. Toshu declines. She snatches his hand and drags him back home.

GK offers Anuj medicine and inquires as to why he is still uptight despite the finding of Toshu and Pari. Anuj claims that the true difficulty will begin today, as there will be a new problem at the Shah residence. Fighting with strangers is easy, but fighting with loved ones is really difficult. Anuj believes that when emotions fail, the entire family fails. He worries about Anupama’s condition, seeing all the drama and being a mother dealing with Toshu, Kinjal, Arya, and others. He claims it is difficult for them to multitask, so how does Anupama do it so well? According to GK, women are born to handle all of this. Anuj claims that his Anupama is very strong and can endure any tension.

Toshu and Pari’s return home is eagerly awaited by the Shahs. Anupama joins them, holding Toshu’s hand. Kinjal cradles and pampers Pari. Leela tries to shield Toshu. Anupama intervenes, stating that it is time for a husband to face his wife’s justice. Kinjal grabs Toshu’s collar and declares that she would not question why he did it or why he jeopardised his daughter’s wife since his conscience is dead and he has ethics; she will file a divorce case later but will first imprison him for kidnapping her daughter. Leela requests that Vanraj stop Kinjal. Vanraj believes that even though Toshu made a horrific error, his father and wife should punish him rather than the police. Rakhi claims that Toshu did not smash utensils or furniture to be punished by his father or wife, but rather kidnapped a child.

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