Apnapan 20th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Ranveer forcing Sonali to leave the house. He claims that I will not let Pallavi cry in order for me to be happy; that is not love; I actually love her. She says there’s still time; she received your mehendi, and it’s haldi tomorrow. He closes the door. Pallavi requests the children. Dadi said they left early in the morning. Pallavi claims that I would not sit in haldi till Dadi has applied shagun mehendi to me. Dadi responds, “Fine, I’ll apply haldi, get ready, and arrive.” Nandita promises to assist you. Pallavi requests her phone. Nick says, “I have it; it was in the room; it’s Ranveer’s call; go meet him; and give me your decision before mum arrives.” She looks around and notices Ranveer. Sonali claims Ranveer couldn’t stop himself. Pallavi inquires whether you want more drama. Ranveer expresses regret. He says matter is something different, and I came to warn you about Sonali’s bad intentions. She inquires as to what you intend to say.

Nandita understands Sonali’s message. Everyone is waiting for her to summon Dadi. Ranveer tells Pallavi everything. He claims Sonali came to provoke me; think of Sonali and figure out what she wants. She remembers and says one pill…. Ranveer demonstrates Sonali placing the medication in the tea cup. She refuses and flees. Dadi receives the tea from Sonali. Pallavi discards the tea. Dadi, she explains, will not drink the tea. The ladies are gossiping. Dadi inquires as to what you are attempting to accomplish. Pallavi claims Sonali threw something in her tea. She inquires as to what you added.

Nick inquires as to what you are saying. She inquires of Sonali, “What did you add?” Sonali remains silent. Pallavi claims, “I saw you putting white pills in the tea, and you gave me sleeping medicines, so I slept for a long time.” Sonali inquires as to what you are saying. Pallavi responds, “Nick, you were astonished, how did I sleep late, I remember Sonali giving me water in the kitchen, she gave me a glass of milk the other day, you assumed I forced Sonali do the work.” She chastises Sonali.

Sonali says, “Wait, you said about these pills, I had drank the tea, did anything happen to me, see, you still don’t trust me, I will eat all the pills.” Nandita and Dadi request that she cease. Sonali claims it is sugar-free and does not include sleeping drugs. Pallavi begs forgiveness. Sonali, I misread you, I became confused, and I had seen such a bottle with white tablets before. Sonali inquires. Pallavi displays her crimson potli bag. She claims there are white tablets in this. She displays the pills. Nandita is concerned. Pallavi says it’s sugar-free; are they sleeping pills? Sonali responds, “Yes, it’s my sleeping medications; I don’t sleep at night; I sleepwalk; you know what happened to me; I lost my husband because…. Nick says to relax and not become hyper. Sonali sobs and adds, “Nick also knows about my health concerns; I didn’t want to tell anyone, but everyone found out because of you; I will consume all the medications and sleep forever; I have no bad intentions.” Sonali, Dadi tells you to stop. No, Sonali, I’ll have it. Nick yells, “Stop!” Have you gone insane? Nick becomes enraged. He says, “I told you about her disease, and you said you’d get her treated, so see what happens.” Sonali apologises.

Pallavi claims Ranveer informed her. Nick inquires, “Did he tell you?” Pallavi affirms. She goes to find Ranveer. She requests that they say Sonali came to his residence to devise a strategy to end her marriage. Dadi replies, “Enough now, we won’t believe Ranveer, forget him, you’ve humiliated us and accused Sonali for this, it’s not her fault, she didn’t give me any error.” She claims you awoke late and that it was not Sonali’s fault. Pallavi is scolded by her.

She claims you wanted to be away from Nick, that anytime Ranveer came here, he brought problems with him, and that you believe him implicitly. She requests that Pallavi immediately apologise to Sonali. Pallavi sobs as she apologises to Sonali. No, Sonali, I want your blessings and affection. Sonali is praised by Dadi. Sonali and Nandita are both smiling. Nani believes Pallavi has tolerated a lot, and that now haldi will occur. She says the drama is done and that we can now finish the haldi ritual. Sonali becomes enraged. Nick and Pallavi take their seats for the haldi. Nani invites Dadi to join her. Dadi puts on the haldi. Pallavi is not blessed by her. Maa, Nick says…

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