Apnapan 21st October 2022 episode written update

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Nick and Pallavi argue at the opening of the episode. He says, “Leave it, Shagun is finished, and I’m taking my plate and leaving.” Pallavi intervenes. The haldi plate flies away and lands on Sonali’s foot. Pallavi collapses into Nick’s arms. Nani praises them. Everyone is dancing on the dhol. They request that Nick and Pallavi sit for haldi. Haldi is also used by Nani, Sonali, Nandita, and others. Sonali believes I will not allow this marriage to take place. She notices a mole on Manna’s back and thinks about Nick. Manna, you have a mole in the same location as Nick, she says. Yes, Badal says, but how did you know? He always wears his shirt. They are instructed to clean up by Sonali. Pallavi stares at Nick and walks away. Ranveer wonders if it will be easy for us to bring her truth to light. Pallavi claims that if you hadn’t kept quiet, the truth would have come out. He claims Nick and his mother ignored him. Pallavi claims to be Nick’s wife in their eyes. He claims that if you are doing something for love, you will pay a high price for your mistake. Nandita says we still need to light some fireworks. Sonali visits Dadi. Dadi instructs her to address her as Maa. Nandita claims that the truth has been revealed to you.

She inquires of Sonali if this is true. Sonali gives a nod. Pallavi loves Ranveer, hence why does she want to marry Nick, according to Dadi. Nandita says it’s for the money. Sonali acts as if she believes Pallavi is marrying Nick for money. Nandita claims you’ve seen everything, but you still want Nick to marry Pallavi. Ranveer inquires, “How may I assist you?” I am eager to join you. Sonali responds, “Not bad, how did you change overnight, you had good timing today,” implying that she is naive and believes you are her well-wisher. Yes, he replies, I’m her well-wisher, and I’m rooting for you to get Pallavi out of this problem. They exchange handshakes.The kids see Nick sad and talk about Nick and Pallavi‚Äôs fight.

They notice Pallavi sobbing. They believe that the issue is caused by Sonali. Gagan claims that he knows how to solve the situation. He goes up to hug Pallavi. He apologises for not telling you anything, dad was worried about me, he came to help me, he said your instincts are correct, he was with me all night attending to me. She inquires whether Nick and you were in the same room. Gagan says yes, Sonali was outside, I asked dad not to tell you about the accident, he lied to me not to hurt you, he loves you. She beams. I can’t believe Nick has no feelings for Sonali, she says.

Pallavi is later prepared by Barkha and Manna. They leave. Pallavi smiles as she considers her celebration outfit. Nick comes over to visit her. He laughs. She says, “I’ll change this blouse because it’s not appropriate for the party.” He pulls her hair back. She claims Manna and Barkha sent her the haircut. He tells her to leave it alone because her hair is now covering her back and there is no need to replace her blouse. He is holding her. She expresses gratitude to him. He says we’ll get married tomorrow at this time. After 18 years, she says. He agrees to remarry. She makes seven rounds of vows.

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