Apnapan 24th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with the man arriving and demanding that you return the jewellery. Pallavi gives back the jewellery. If you really wanted to give me something, she says. She accepts the mangalsutra and declares that she will respect everything that represents our marriage, even if it is a sham marriage. He asks, “I know we’re married for Mum’s sake, but can’t we spend our time with family by forgetting about the past?” She believes I am ready to forget, but Sonali would not let me. He wonders if you can’t meet Ranveer after marriage. She claims he means nothing to her and that the marriage is solely for the sake of her mother. I know you don’t dislike me, says Nick. She claims that she does not loathe or despise her. He claims that I can never detest you. She tells him, “Forget everything; I want us to be real in this relationship; there is no room for deceit.” He touches her face and says, “As I told you before, I will keep this relationship with truth; I simply want you to trust me.” The youngsters approach them and invite them to join them. Nick claims I loosened her hair, which I prefer. They say aww… Gagan claims that we must provide you with guidelines prior to marriage. Nick inquires earnestly.

Badal inquires if you have written new wedding vows. Nick says, “I remember it, don’t you?” Pallavi says she remembers it as well. She chooses Barkha. Sonali declares, “I shall swear that I will not allow this marriage to take place,” and the S effect begins. Barkha advises her mother not to go out. I know, replies Lalita. Pallavi is complimented and hugged. She claims Nick is making an honest effort this time. She receives a call from Ranveer. Pallavi declares, “I don’t want to chat.” Lalita claims he’s humiliated and wants to apologise to you; just talk to him once.

Pallavi converses with Ranveer. He says, “Lalita mentioned you and Nikhil are writing personal vows for each other; can I help you and repent?” She remembers Nick’s comments. She says she doesn’t want your assistance. He claims that if you can persuade Nick that you have no feelings for me, I will be given the opportunity to apologise to Nick. Okay, she says, I’ll try. Lalita leaves. Pallavi is advised by Ranveer to express her thoughts to Nick. She tells me I can’t do it.

He requests that she compose a letter for Nick. Sonali arranges for Nick to arrive. Nick overhears Pallavi conversing with Ranveer. Pallavi writes Nick a letter. Gagan arrives and invites Nick to join him; Pallavi is with Lalita. Pallavi expresses gratitude to Ranveer. Lalita keeps the letter in her room. Ranveer adds, “I’m truly sorry, Pallavi; I’m doing this for you because there is no other option.” He walks away.

The kids summon Nick and ask him to identify Pallavi. Dadi claims Nick will recognise Pallavi, but Pallavi…. Pallavi welcomes Dadi. Nani cracks Dadi up. Sonali receives the perfume from Nandita. Sonali claims that Nick will now select her over Pallavi, and that we must see Pallavi’s face. When the ladies taunt Pallavi, Nandita believes it will be entertaining. Sonali is forced to stand next to Pallavi by Barkha. Nick approaches Pallavi while holding the ladies’ hands. Pallavi beams. He is perplexed by the children. He walks over to Sonali and takes her hands in his. Pallavi makes Sonali grin. Nick takes her hands in his and says, “Whoever you are, please forgive me, you aren’t my Pallavi, my Pallavi is here.” He takes Pallavi’s hands in his. Dadi promises that he will identify her. Everyone applauds. Gagan thinks you’re a champ. Nick claims that I can see her in a crowd. Ranveer shows up. He employs a man and instructs him to retrieve the letter from the drawer. He claims, “I phoned you to find out where you hid the letter, and I will do whatever I want.” Pallavi inquires, “Did you simply guess it?” When you didn’t tell me the size of the bangles, Nick says, “I got bangles for you.” Manna requests that they pay attention to her. She claims they will exchange vows together. Lalita says Nick will speak the vows, which we will all hear. Sonali takes a seat. Pallavi is complimented by Nick. He says we’re married again, our children will see our rounds, your beauty and my age have grown more each time, but not by much, and my vow is spanking new. He assures Pallavi. Nandita is signed by Sonali. Nick lavishes admiration on Pallavi’s beauty. She is embarrassed. He says, “I will try to fight with you, I will always listen to you, I will support you in every pain and joy, even if you have a migraine and apply the foul smelling balm,” and “I promise I will be with you, I will strive to keep your smile forever.” Everyone is happy.

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