Apnapan 26th October 2022 episode written update

Apnapan Serial Poster

The episode begins with Ranveer returning home. Nick inquires as to what he is doing here. Ranveer claims that I was required to sign the restaurant bills. Nandita inquires if you called him. Sonali agrees. Nandita signs the waiter’s name. The letter is dropped in front of Dadi by the waiter. He insists that I give this to Ranveer. Nandita inquires as to what it is. She double-checks the letter. Dadi is taken aback as he reads the letter. Pallavi is asked if she wrote this. Pallavi affirms. Dadi questions why he was going to deliver this to Ranveer. Nandita demonstrates the envelope. Dadi says the marriage will not take place. She motions for Nick to rise. She violates the gathbandhan. Pallavi is chastised by her. She claims Pallavi wrote this letter for Ranveer. Nandita adds, “Give it to me and I’ll do the honours.” Sonali smiles. Nandita examines the letter.

Nikhil, says Pallavi… Nick intervenes. Nandita goes through the full love letter. Dadi inquires whether you wrote this letter or not. Pallavi affirms, but… Dadi replies there is no need for any except now. Pallavi claims that she authored the letter for Nick. Don’t lie, says Dadi. I know, Lalita replies, Pallavi composed this for Nick. Dadi claims Pallavi is defrauding Nick. Pallavi is mocked by the guest woman. Nandita claims that the lipstick shade matches Pallavi’s. Pallavi claims, “I’m also a mother; do you think I’ll do something that damages my children?” Dadi claims Ranveer is mistaken; he came here to pick up the love letter. She scolds Pallavi while crying.

Pallavi claims, “I’m telling the truth in front of this fire; Nick and I are married for your reason; you mean a lot to me; I wrote this letter for Nick, not Ranveer.” Nick has had enough of Pallavi. Believe me, she says. He claims that he has always believed in you and that this marriage will not take place today. He throws water into the havan kund and extinguishes the flames. Sonali and Nandita are both smiling. Sonali cracks a joke. Nandita requests that she exercise control. Pallavi questions whether you truly believe this is genuine and that I am lying. Dadi says enough, I came back for you. Nani stands up for Pallavi. Dadi claims she ruined my surname.

Pallavi says you kept Satyanarayana puja after marriage, we went to collect flowers, I realised I paid less money to the flower vendor, we went back to give him Rs.50, he was astonished and laughed at me, you told him not to laugh, your bahu doesn’t hold anyone’s single rupee, I didn’t learn to lie and cheat, you trusted me, can I cheat my own family, with Nick, you and my children, with myself, no, all this is a Dadi claims you’re lying. Nani requests that she be quiet. Dadi claims that everything is against Pallavi, and you claim that she is innocent. However, Lalita claims that Pallavi composed this letter for Nick. Dadi considers you to be her best friend. Manna and Badal advise Nick to consider why Pallavi might compose the letter for Ranveer. Dadi claims that this letter contains evidence against Pallavi. Manna is stopped by Pallavi. She claims that this is my fight. She inquires of Nick… I don’t want to hear anything or see your face, Nick says, so just leave me alone. He walks away, remembering their interactions. Manna requests that Pallavi not give up. Pallavi claims I have no proof, yet I can look myself in the mirror. Pallavi is asked to perform something by Barkha, Manna, and Badal. Dadi requests that the visitors leave. The visitors are halted by the children. Ranveer says he’ll talk to Nick and fight for Pallavi’s rights. She requests that he pay attention. Pallavi believes I must stop Ranveer, while Nick is concerned.

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