Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Ram saying, “I don’t want Priya to leave, Priya and Pihu are my family, this truth will never change, you can do anything, I won’t back down this time, I will fight for my family and win, because my family is with me, my Pihu and my Priya.” He asks Pihu if he will help us. Pihu affirms. After all, it is Pihu’s life at stake, therefore the judge says he will not make a judgement today and will instead monitor you. Pihu comes to a halt in front of her and says, “I have a gift for you from our family’s side.” Vedika causes Pihu to fall. She asks if you’re okay, and if you admit I did it, she threatens to put Priya in jail. Pihu claims this broke, but Vedika remains silent. The judge thinks it’s fine; I don’t want this present. Pihu sobs. Adi says to forget about it.

Ram says, “Come here and tell me what happened.” She claims I broke it. He claims it was an accident similar to Shivi’s, but it didn’t happen because of Priya; she was protecting someone by wish, whereas you are protecting someone by fear, safeguarding the person who caused you to fall. Priya inquires. Vedika, he says. Ram, Vedika claims I did nothing. He wonders what we should do when someone apologises for their error; we should forgive them, right? We shouldn’t allow it if someone hurts your family and does wrong to you when you are good to them; we should respond to them. Pihu is explained by him.

He asks Pihu to say something. Nandini believes Ram knows the truth, but I have nothing in my possession. Pihu claims Vedika threatened to imprison Priya if I mentioned anything. Vedika claims to be lying. Ram claims that Priya and Pihu never lie. He tells Pihu to go to his room and rest. He asks, “How dare you, Vedika, to threaten Pihu?” Vedika wonders why I would do this. Ram claims you placed the chits; Priya refuses to provide proof; you will. He requests that she write her full name and address. Vedika claims that you are familiar with me. He claims that if I can pass Shubham’s test, I can pass yours as well. Nandini believes it is time to take the game into our own hands. Shubham requests that Vedika compose something. Vedika advises reconsidering. Ram responds, “I want proof that you are innocent.”

Nandini says she won’t do anything since she knows she’ll be caught. She claims that you forced Pihu to wear that belt and watch; how could you do such a thing, we all trusted you, and you sought to cause a schism amongst my sons. She begins to behave well. She chastises Vedika. Yes, Vedika says, I did it because Ram breached the pledge. Ram inquires as to which pledge. Nandini claims Ram did not marry you, hence you committed this crime. Ram claims you informed the principal of Priya’s incarceration. Vedika wonders what I meant when I said Priya is a murderer. Ram claims that we erred in judging others, that Priya went to jail to protect someone, and that Priya is a great person. The judge scolds Vedika. Vedika confronts them. She claims Kanika accused Ram of abuse, so Ram phoned Priya for assistance; he used Pihu as a bargaining chip; is he capable of raising her? Ram claims that you are aware that it is not true. Is this true, asks the judge.

Priya says, “Let it be,” knowing she’s been caught. Vedika mentioned it, and it was critical to know the truth, which Kanika will reveal. Kanika answers the phone. Vedika assures Kanika that she is safe and sound. Kanika says I can’t lie to you any longer, Priya has woken my conscience, and there’s nothing wrong with Pihu. She apologises to Ram, saying, “I’m sincerely sorry, I had blamed you on Vedika’s command.” Vedika inquires as to why you are lying. Kanika claims I’m telling the truth. Priya claims I have video proof of Ram’s innocence. Vedika replies yes, but how would I know she was asked to do this? Priya claims that after accusing Ram of wrongdoing, you have now turned against Kanika. Kanika believes Priya is superior to you, Vedika.

Ram claims that Vedika did this to harm my reputation, and that I should marry Vedika to restore my reputation. Kanika expresses regret. Priya praises her and promises that the footage will never be released. She claims that the complete truth is in front of you, Ram adores Pihu, and he also took Shubham’s test. Vedika is chastised by Ram and Priya. Vedika claims Priya meets Krish behind your back; will you put him in jail as well? She displays the video. She claims she didn’t come to meet you, but rather to spend time with her lover, and you can see evidence of this. Priya says the imageā€¦ Ram says he will not give in to your accusations by questioning Priya; it is Priya and my matter, and I will not listen to anyone. He hurls the phone away. He says it’s our rule, and I believe him completely. Priya loves me, and my feelings for her will never alter. Priya takes a look at him.

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