Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 24th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Vedika claiming that Ishaan is going to give Pihu a doll house today because he believes she will reclaim her family, which she lost due of him. Ishaan claims that this doll house is for Pihu. Think about what would happen if the doll house caught fire, adds Vedika. Nandini wonders what would happen to Pihu. Vedika says Ram forgives everyone for an accident; we’ll see what he does now; Shubham will change the papers; it will be written that you will get Ram’s everything; you’ll be wondering how I know about Ishaan; Priya made me fall in Ram’s sight; my sight is on Priya and her family; I won’t abandon anyone of them this time. Nandini smiles. Vedika sets off the fireworks. She claims that crackers can both obtain and burn happiness. Ram and Priya light the fireworks and speak with Pihu.

Priya claims Ram scared her. Pihu says something terrible. Ram apologises, saying that the chandelier was about to collapse on him, but happily, mum was there and protected him. Nandini rescued him from the chandelier, he recalls. Priya inquires as to your well-being. Ram says sure, what isn’t fine will be fine, my mother will arrive since she can’t bear seeing me in misery. Priya believes she is the source of your suffering. She requests that Pihu fire the crackers. Pihu claims that I am terrified. Priya claims she does not seek assistance. Ram claims she went on you; I will teach her a lesson. He requests that Pihu light the cracker. He encourages her to seek assistance if she so desires; if they knew everything, life would be boring. Pihu claims, “I’m strong; I don’t need anyone’s support.” Ram says that help gives you double power; come to me often; if I’m not there, close your eyes and think of me; and today, when we fired these crackers, you will have amazing ideas. Pihu wonders how you’ll know. Priya suggests creating a secret code. He claims that we shall have a secret code, crackers. Like in a movie, she says. Stop watching movies, advises Priya. Ram claims that we learn through movies. Pihu hugs him and tells him, “Never leave me.” He claims I will never abandon my family. She requests assistance. They set off the cracker. Ram wishes us all a happy Diwali. Priya’s saree catches fire, and he saves her. Pihu claims that I will never again burn crackers. Ram believes that if we are afraid of something, the fear will kill us. He makes fun of Priya. Pihu promises that we will always discuss our issues. They make a promise.

Shubham inspects the doll house and remarks that it is difficult to fill crackers in an open doll house. Sandy investigates the toy house. Nandini points at the doll and says, “Little Pihu, your hope of a happy family will be a dream; you ruined everything for me, and I will ruin everything for you.” Sandy believes Ishaan’s gift will make this occasion memorable. She arrives and notices the doll has fallen. Nandini and Shubham are hiding. Sandy will keep the doll. She takes the photo and leaves. When I sign you, Nandini says, “Keep the crackers in this.” Sara remarks, “Wow, Ram, you arranged a fantastic surprise.” Sandy describes Ram’s revelations as “surprising and spectacular.” Brinda responds, “I agree, Ram was mean this time.” Sandy believes Ram is the greatest. Priya believes my astonishment is insignificant. Ram claims that I am nothing exceptional and that no one ever surprises him. Brinda tells Priya to quit bothering her. Priya claims that she doesn’t understand anything. Ishaan says, “I have planned a surprise for Pihu, and you know I’m on your team. You can deliver it to Ram.” Priya says no, Ram will figure out I’m lying. He says, “I’m going to say I helped you a lot.” No, she responds, I’ll think of something different. Brinda says we need to do something big, come up with something. Ishaan asks Priya to visit the doll house; perhaps she will have an idea. Ram approaches Vikrant and requests trust papers. Vikrant promises that the lawyer will have it delivered soon.

Sara inquires about your proposal plans, as Priya adores you. Ram says, “You know, family means everything to me; I don’t want anything else.” He visits Nandini. She continues, “It’s Diwali today, you kids are my everything, I’m willing to forget the past and start over, if you don’t want, Shubham and I…” Ram adds, “My pleasure is in you; I’m so pleased that you’re willing to forget the past; I’m nothing without you.” She also wishes him well and inquires about the paperwork. He claims that papers will be delivered once the adjustments have been made. Shubham considers doing his work. He leaves. She claims I considered doing something charitable for Shivi. Ram responds, “Yes, Maa, I adore you.” Ram, she says she loves you as well. She believes I should wait and see how long Pihu keeps this smile. Shubham appears and informs you that your mother is ready to speak with you. He walks away. Priya tells Ishaan to go; she will take care of Nandini. Nandini adds, “I know a lot of things happened and I don’t like it, but I can’t change it, we should accept it, Ram’s happiness is important, Ram is going to perform a good job, I wanted to give something to Pihu.” She presents the Laxmi idol. Everyone is watching.

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