Banni Chow Home Delivery 17th October 2022 episode written update

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Yuvan drives away in the car with Viraj and Manini. Banni becomes agitated when she discovers Yuvan is missing and searches the entire studio for him. Agastya tells her to unwind because Yuvan is probably nearby. Banni believes Yuvan fled because he was afraid of fire. Rathore family is escorted out of the studio by the guard. On guard, Hemant becomes enraged and claims that his son is still inside. He believes Yuvan has returned home with Manini. He calls Manini and discovers that her phone is turned off. Banni requests that Charmie return home with her family because she is pregnant and fasting. She returns to the studio, drowsy. Agastya waits for her and offers her water. Banni claims she is fasting for karva chauth and doubts Manini’s involvement. She answers Charmie’s phone call and rushes home.

Manini moves Yuvan to the edge of a cliff. Yuvan wonders why she brought him here when she promised to take him to the stars. Manini claims that if he jumps from the cliff, he will reach the staff. Yuvan takes her hand in his and insists on accompanying him. Manini releases her hand and declares that she is Manini, not his Vandana mamma. Hearing that and Banni telling him that Manini is manipulating him and is not Vandana breaks Yuvan’s heart. Manini admits that she wants to exact revenge on Devraj by murdering Yuvan because Devraj destroyed her family. Yuvan claims that if she had given him the order, he would have happily jumped off the cliff. Manini yells at her not to call her mamma. She requests that he smile because his Vandana must be smiling as he approaches her, and she will feel relieved. She pushes Yuvan off the cliff, believing that this is the end of Yuvan’s story.

Banni returns home to find Yuvan storing all of her belongings. Charmie claims that when she questioned Yuvan about it, he remained silent. Viraj has returned home. Banni inquires as to where Yuvan is. Viraj claims he has no idea because he was at work with Manini. Charmie questions why he is supporting the wrong person and begs him not to be a part of a sin before the birth of their child. Viraj recalls Manini giving him a letter to give to Banni when she returns home and sending him halfway home. He steps aside and reads the letter, shocked to learn that Manini wishes to murder Yuvan. He believes it is incorrect and rushes to stop Manini from leaving the letter on the floor.

Charmie finds a letter and, shocked, gives it to Banni. Banni is shattered as he reads Yuvan’s suicide note. Manini has returned home. Banni interrogates her and asks about Yuvan. Manini is adamantly opposed. Hemant tries to protect Manini, but Banni pushes him away and, while holding a suicide note, tells Manini that she knows her true colours and inquires about Yuvan’s whereabouts.

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