Banni Chow Home Delivery 18th October 2022 episode written update

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Banni confronts Manini about prompting Yuvan to write a suicide note and then concealing him. Manini denies the allegation. Hemant attempts to stop Banni by asking if she has any evidence that Manini harmed her son. According to Banni, the court requires evidence rather than a heart. She humiliates Manini with a belt and demands that she reveal where she is hiding Yuvan. Hemant tries to stop her once more. She shoves him aside and drags Manini away. Hemant tries to follow them, but Devraj stops him and says he was blindfolded by Manini’s love and didn’t realise Manini was giving Yuvan the wrong medications and harming him. Banni continues to humiliate Manini with his belt. Manini wears a belt and admits to pushing Yuvan off a mountain cliff after provoking him to write a suicide note.

Banni races to the cliff on her bike, looking for Yuvan. Yuvan, who is dangling from a tree, summons her. She ties a rope around herself and pulls Yuvan up. She then slaps him and asks how dare he think of leaving her. Yuvan believes that Banni deserves a man like Agastya rather than a child who requires her constant guidance and care. Banni expresses her feelings for him and asks her to listen to her heartbeat and feel for his name in it. Yuvan agrees and apologises. They continue to express their love for one another as they walk towards home.

Back at home, Banni tells Hemant the truth about Manini. Hemant confronts Manini and asks why she attempted to murder Yuvan. He claims that Devraj and his sister constantly warned him about Manini, but he blindly trusted her; he transferred his property into her name, but she attempted to murder her son. He has Manini arrested for attempting to murder Yuvan. Manini admits that she wanted to exact revenge on Devraj for wrongfully arresting her father, Vikram Bindal, in a false forgery case. Devraj claims her father committed a fraud and was sentenced to prison as a result.  Manini refuses to believe him and reveals that she didn’t change Yuvan’s medicines and someone is still present in Devraj’s family who wants to harm Yuvan.

Devraj claims she is lying and instructs the ladies to prepare to break their karva chauth fast. Banni breaks fast via Yuvan in the evening and reveals that he will be fine after surgery. Yuvan is overjoyed to hear that. Banni sobs while hugging him, fearing Yuvan will forget her after surgery, but she loves Yuvan and wants to be with him forever.

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