Banni Chow Home Delivery 19th October 2022 episode written update

Banni Chow Home Delivery serial poster

The episode begins with Banni is stitching Moon into Yuvan’s dress at the hospital. Yuvan informs Banni that he wishes to taste her. Banni claims he won’t be able to eat anything before surgery. Yuvan becomes agitated. Banni makes him feel good by feeding him fictitious kheer. Yuvan is later taken into the operating room. Banni asks Shiv Ji to help Yuvan with his surgery. Rathods patiently await. Banni and others at the hospital are watching the news and learning that the entire country is praying for Yuvan’s recovery. Yuvan has surgery performed by the doctor. After 11 hours, the doctor arrives and informs them that Yuvan’s surgery was successful and that he will be kept in ICU for a few more days. Banni imagines Yuvan wondering who she is. It turns out to be her dream, and she believes Yuvan will never forget her.

Banni eagerly prepares food for Yuvan after one month. She tells Devraj that she prepared all of Yuvan’s favourite foods because he is leaving the ICU in one month and won’t forget my taste, right? Devraj assures her that Yuvan will not forget her.

Devraj stops Hemant from meeting Yuvan at the hospital and asks Banni to meet Yuvan first because it is his right. Banni enters Yuvan’s room and finds it empty. She confronts the nurses and chastises them for their carelessness. They look for Yuvan. Yuvan, on the other hand, takes a bath in the river near the temple. Hemant receives a phone call informing him that Yuvan has not returned home. Banni advises him to inquire about showing Yuvan’s photograph.

Banni is informed by Watchman that he saw Yuvan and inquired about the Gouri Sankar temple. Devraj claims it’s the temple Yuvan and Vandana used to visit. On the other hand, Yuvan assists an elderly lady and a young girl at the temple. Guards refuse to let some children in and refuse to give them laddoo. Yuvan informs the guard that it is not to distinguish people and requests that he allow them. Guard says he won’t let him, throws him aside, and closes the door, saying it’s time for havan. One of the girls is injured.

Yuvan notices blood coming from the little girl’s hand and remembers some flashbacks. It is shown that Banni is riding her scooty to the temple. Yuvan gains access to the temple by climbing the wall and consuming laddoos. Guard attempts to stop him. Yuvan comes to a halt and says he only wants laddos. Guard requests that he cease his rowdy behaviour. Banni is eager to meet Yuvan. Kheer’s carriage collides with the ground on the way. Banni believes it is a bad omen. A girl is seen in the temple with Yuvan.

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