Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th October 2022 episode written update

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When the kheer tiffin box falls down, Banni becomes depressed and recalls Yuvan’s wish for her prepared kheer. She puts the last of the kheer in Yuvan’s special tiffin box and heads to the temple. When Yuvan tries to take laddus for children, a security guard misheaves with him and pushes him away. Laddus flies through the air. Yuvan discovers laddus in a thali and declares that it is wrong to disrespect children and food. He carries the guard out of the temple, hangs him from a tree, and forces him to give laddus to children. Guard apologises and requests that he be released immediately. Yuvan cuts a rope in style with a sickle. A girl takes his hand in hers and thanks him. Yuvan has a flashback of a young girl. He returns to the temple, and while praying, God experiences another flashback and suffers from a severe headache.

Banni arrives at the temple and walks toward Yuvan. A girl enters the temple, runs, and takes a seat behind Yuvan. Banni questions Yuvan on why he left the hospital without informing anyone. Yuvan remembers his mother going to this temple with Bunty. A girl walks up to Yuvan and performs pooja. Banni claims to be Banni, not Bunty. Yuvan claims he adopted Bunty’s name, Banni. Hearing that, Banni is shattered. Devraj arrives at the temple and overhears their conversation. Yuvan asks Banni if she knows him and if they’ve ever met. He hugs Devraj and wonders how he got so old and why he’s holding a stick. Hemant enters next. Yuvan hugs him, calls him papa, and inquires as to why everyone’s appearance has changed.

Devraj inquires as to why he left the hospital and came to the temple. Yuvan claims to have had a recollection of visiting this temple with Mamma and Bunty. Banni wonders who this Bunty is and steps on rose thorns. Hemant questions Yuvan about why he came here from the hospital. Yuvan points to Banni and asks, “Who is this girl?” She was talking to him. Hemant says we can discuss it later because he needs to see a doctor first and then return home. Yuvan removes the thorn from Banni’s foot and wraps his kerchief around her foot. He suggests that if she arrived with someone, she ask him/her to take her to the hospital to have her wound treated. She declines. He wonders why he feels strange, and whether he knows him. Banni displays a kheer box. Hemant picks up Yuvan from there.

Devraj requests Banni to return home and walks away, leaving Banni despondent. Everyone in the vicinity is offered praad by a girl. A lady claims that her fate conceals a great deal. Banni receives prasad from a girl. Banni claims she was in desperate need of prasad. The girl claims that God will certainly grant her wish. Banni prays to God not to breach her confidence and says she will cry if he does not accept her wish. Devraj questions Hemant about not informing Yuvan about Banni when he returns home from Back. Hemant claims that Yuvan married Banni while he was mentally unstable owing to Devraj’s adamancy, but that Yuvan is now normal and that he will marry Yuvan to a female of his choice. He closes a gate in front of Banni’s face. Devraj requests that he let Banni in since Yuvan adores Banni.

Hemant says Yuvan didn’t even recognise Banni and that if he were normal, he would never love a girl like Banni. Devraj cautions him not to forget Banni’s favours. Hemant promises to fund Banni’s catering business and repay her favours, despite the fact that he knows Banni and Yuvan are incompatible and will suffocate in their relationship. Devraj lashes him with his tongue and says he will inform Yuvan about Banni.

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