Banni Chow Home Delivery 21st October 2022 episode written update

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Hemant stops Banni from entering Rahtore Mansion in order to prevent her from meeting Yuvan. Banni uses her scooter to smash the door open and confronts Hemant about his selfish actions. She claims he wishes to prevent her from meeting Yuvan and revealing who she is to Yuvan; Yuvan had brain surgery rather than heart surgery; his brain may fail to identify her, but his heart will undoubtedly recognise her love. She continues her lengthy discourse on the value and power of love, claiming that Yuvan will one day comprehend his feelings for her and acknowledge her. She claims that it is her home, that Yuvan belongs to him, and that no one can prevent her from entering his home. She enters the house, leaving Hemant stunned.

Yuvan interacts with each family member and enjoys meeting them all. Vrinda lavishes him with attention and blessings. Yuvan recognises and hugs each member of the family. Hemant introduces him to his sister Myra and informs him that he has another sister, Palak. Yuvan is overjoyed to learn that he has sisters. He is subsequently introduced to Viraj and Charmie by Hemant. Yuvan communicates with Charmie, telling her that she can refer to him as BIL or friend. Vrinda notifies Charmie that she is pregnant and that he will soon become chachu/uncle. Yuvan is even more ecstatic after hearing it. He then observes Banni and wonders what she is doing here; he met her in the temple.

Banni presents herself as a caterer who brings him food and states her tagline. Charmie wonders why Banni prevented everyone from telling Yuvan that Banni is his wife. Myra claims Yuvan used to only eat from Banni’s hand. Yuvan expresses a desire to eat Banni’s cooked dinner tonight. Banni gladly agrees. Yuvank believes Banni is unique.

Banni cheerfully prepares Yuvan’s dinner. Charmie approaches her and wonders why she hasn’t told Yuvan who she is. Banni claims she wants Yuvan’s heart to recognise her. Bharmie expects a long wait. Banni thinks she’ll just have to wait till that day. Banni sets the table for dinner with her food and candles. Yuvan requests that she serve him her unique feast. She works for him. He eats dinner and praises her, then asks her to make it a little spicy because he is no longer a child. She rushes to the kitchen, overcome with emotion, convinced that Yuvan did not forget her meal taste.

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