Banni Chow Home Delivery 22nd October 2022 episode written update

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Hemant has announced that Yuvan will begin working as the CEO of their family business tomorrow. Myra believes Yuvan should focus on his singing career as well. Veer, who is inebriated, furiously breaks the liquor bottle and rejects Hemant’s decision. He claims that he built the company via hard work and that he would accept Yuvan, who knows nothing about business. Hemant claims that Veer was Manini’s puppet before she went to jail, that he was so blinded by Manini’s love that he transferred his company share in Manini’s name, that Manini gave Viraj power of attorney before she went to jail, and that Viraj is now 50% owner of the party, and that Veer wants nothing else. He goes on to say that Veer is a failure who attempted acting first and contributed nothing to the family business. Veer becomes increasingly enraged and out of control. Yuvan tries to soothe him.

Viraj is slapped by Veer. Vrinda has him under her grip and forces him to sit on a sofa. Yuvan says chacha/uncle is correct that he is inexperienced in business, thus he should work under Viraj and get experience from the ground up before aspiring to be CEO. Viraj is pleased to hear this and adds that the two brothers will take their firm to new heights. He arranges a welcome party to introduce Yuvan to company employees and clients. Yuvan nods and then hugs and comforts Veer. He reveals his evil faces from behind. Seeing Yuvan’s behaviour, Eveyrone is amazed.

Banni stands on the balcony at night, remembering his time with Yuvan. Yuvan approaches her and inquires as to why she is here at this hour. Banni inquires if he has slept yet. He asks whether she believes he forgot about her and dances with her to the tune Tujhko Hai Tujhse Raabta.. When Charmie shakes Banni and asks if she was dreaming about Yuvan, she realises it was all in her head. Banni shies and asks why she came out in the cold, telling her to come in while she gets hot milk for her. She spots someone passing by and inquires of Charmie whether she has noticed anyone. No, Charmie says.

The power goes off. Veer, who is inebriated, hunts for his phone. Yuvan, dressed in a hooded jacket, pursues him. Someone is following Veer. Charmie asks Banni in the kitchen if she is concerned that Yuvan would remember him. Banni replies no; based on her understanding of Yuvan following his surgery, she believes he will recall her shortly. She remarks on Yuvan’s maturity and organisation, recalling how he managed Veer. Charmie claims that Banni is madly in love with Yuvan. Banni is shy and brings milk for Yuvan. Yuvan goes away after repeatedly slapping Veer. Banni walks inside Yuvan’s room and looks for him. He emerges from the restroom and inquires as to what she is doing here. She claims she brought him milk. He inquires as to whether she also resides in this house. She claims his grandfather requested her to stay since he can only eat from her hands.

Yuvan sneezes. Banni becomes concerned and uses a towel to dry his damp hair. Yuvan takes her hand in his and asks if she used to be very fond of him. Banni is nervous and says she has to leave. Yuvan claims that her eyes and conduct show that she once cared for him, whether she believes him or not. Veer complains to Vrinda that Banni repeatedly slapped him while insulting Yuvan. Vrinda takes him to Banni and inquires whether she slapped Veer. Banni wonders why she would slap him. Yuvan claims that Banni was with him when she brought him milk; she is so small that she can’t hurt anyone. Veer believes Banni can defeat anyone. Yuvan claims Veer’s right cheek is red, and because Banni is also right-handed, she is unable to slap him. From there, Vrinda takes Veer. Yuvan questions Banni’s ability to bash anyone. Banni nods in agreement. He extends his left hand. She observes his damaged hand and administers ointment on it. She imagines Yuvan slapping Veer.

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