Banni Chow Home Delivery 27th October 2022 episode written update

Banni Chow Home Delivery serial poster

Banni and Yuvan are preparing for a party. Banni inquires of Yuvan about the Galaxy Hotel party. Yuvan agrees and asks if they might borrow her scooty. Banni claims her Dhannu can drive in any condition and even tiny lanes. Yuvan compares her dhannu to her and insists on driving it to the hotel. Banni drives while riding pillion. He asks her to stop her scooter midway and buys her a rose. A few thugs brandish a knife at them and demand that they hand over their phone, jewellery, wallet, and other valuables. Yuvan concurs. Banni chastises them and instructs them to earn money via hard labour rather than begging. They warn her not to be too clever. Yuvan requests that Banni give them jewels because their lives are more valuable. Banni is fighting goons. The song Banno Sau Taka Re.. is playing in the background. Yuvan stands there passively watching her battle. Banni’s rose and earring tumble to the ground. He chooses them. Her hand is injured. Goons flee. Yuvan wraps his kerchief around her hand. She is nervous. He claims that they might have called police instead of fighting.

Banni and Yuvan arrive at the hotel. Banni is welcomed by Charmie and Myra. Viraj presents Yuvan to everyone and declares that he and Yuvan will manage their family business from now on. Yuvan says they can’t credit only one face for the success because the entire team is involved, and he thanks the peons, employees, Viraj, and others, and says they’re late but not by much, and they’ll push their firm to new heights with their help. Everyone applauds for him.

Banni observes Dr. Sanjay, who performed surgery on Yuvan. Sanjay is taken aback by Yuvan’s confidence. Bunty goes to a party. Yuvan doesn’t seem to notice her. He recognises Sanjay and praises him for his assistance. Sanjay believes he should thank Banni for bringing him for the surgery. Yuvan hands over a pendrive and instructs the waiter to play it when he indicates. He approaches Banni and expresses his gratitude. He then tenderly dances with her to the song Rang Saari Gulabi Chunariya Re.. Everyone applauds for them.

A waiter runs into him and spills juice over him. Banni rushes up to him. Myra pulls her aside and tells her that Yuvan will handle it. The waiter apologises to Yuvan. Yuvan says it’s fine and goes to notify the waiter to play his pendrive when he signals. Goons storm in and viciously assault Yuvan. Yuvan collapses, bleeding. They walk away, stating it’s their message to heroine Banni, who screwed him over. Yuvan has a memory of Viraj torturing him and acts as though he has two personalities. He walks up to the goons and savagely trashes them. Dr. Sanjay is aware of this. Banni looks for Yuvan. Charmie makes fun of Yuvan’s fixation on him. Yuvan transforms into someone entirely different.

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