Banni Chow Home Delivery 29th October 2022 episode written update

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Banni spots a patient with two personalities and tells the peons that he is simply acting and that they should bring him to her so she may correct him in her own style. Yuvan’s other personality, dressed as Banni, pays a visit to Dr. Sanjay. Dr. Sanjay informs her that Yuvan got a split personality condition following his brain surgery and goes into depth about it. Bunty informs Banni that the patient has split personality disorder, which she is aware of as a neurologist. Dr. Sanjay informs Yuvan that as a result of a childhood trauma caused by her mother’s death, Yuvan acquired a split personality and can perform tasks that a normal person cannot; people believe it is a ghost invasion, but it is a multiple personality disorder.

Bunty informs Banni that a person does not even recognise his split personality and acts as if he is someone else. Dr. Sanjay claims that in Yuvan’s case, his split personality knows and despises him; he witnessed Yuvan becoming highly violent when his split personality emerged and he brutally trashed a few goons; he even said I love you to an unknown girl and called her Bunty; it was Yuvan’s body but with a different personality because Yuvan is right handed and his alternative personality is left handed. Banni pays close attention to Bunty and expresses her disbelief that such a thing could happen. Bunty claims she has the case in front of her. Banni appreciates Bunty for explaining split personality disorder to her.

Dr. Sanjay believes Yuvan’s divided personality must have a name. Yuvan claims to be Kabir Singh Rathore and assaults Dr. Sanjay. He recalls escorting Banni to another room. He claims Yuvan is weak and trusts his people blindly, although he is a very strong man who is not an emotional idiot. He’ll murder Yuvan and live happily ever after with Bunty. He cautions Dr. Sanjay not to tell anyone that Kabir is still alive in this planet. Dr. Sanjay flees, claiming that he will notify Banni that he is a menace to everyone. Yuvan swats at him with a vase. Sanjay is harmed when he falls. Peons swarm around him.

Banni notices him and inquires as to how he became hurt. Yuvan, he says. Yuvan flees, signalling that he will kill him. Dr. Sanjay goes unconscious. Banni considers what the doctor intended to say. Banni returns home, contemplating what Dr. Sanjay intended to convey. She believes Yuvan did not finish his sentence during the party. She hears Yuvan playing the violin and thinks he would propose to her in his own unique way. When Hemant throws Banni’s luggage and says she doesn’t want her to interrupt Yuvan while he is practising, she walks towards his room. Banni claims she never makes errors, especially when it comes to Yuvan, and inquires whether he has heard about Yuvan attempting to communicate his affections for her.

Hemant smiles and says Yuvan left in the middle. Devraj questions why he is such a commotion when everyone knows Yuvan adores Banni. Hemant claims he can see Banni’s plotting, that he can see Banni telling them not to tell Yuvan about her and his relationship, but that he stays close to him to trap him and is only behind his money. Banni claims that even though Yuvan was unable to propose to him, she knows Yuvan loves him; she is not trapping Yuvan and sincerely loves him. Banni herself will propose Yuvan during the fourth round of Yuvan’s rocking star tournament. Yuvan believes he will propose to Banni after the fourth round. He contacts someone and instructs them to make special arrangements to propose to someone. Hemant wonders what will happen if Yuvan rejects her. Banni says she will depart Rathore Mansion with dignity since she cherishes it. She assures Devraj that her love will triumph tomorrow.

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